Remember–Son’s War – Episode 19 Review

A son’s war is almost coming to an end, and I have never felt so happy and satisfied watching this show since it started. Mostly it’s because we finally seeing things going the good guys team’s way. Justice is finally being sought after.

RMBSW Ep19-12
Chairman Nam has fallen into Prosecutor Tak’s trap and the prosecutor is now relieved as he reveals being on Jin-woo’s side. Even In-ah has taken Gyu-man’s case over and Moo-suk has no power to change the prosecutor. Heuheu.
RMBSW Ep19-1 RMBSW Ep19-15
Gyu-man being a murderer is the talk of the nation and everyone at the company seems to be afraid of him. One of the employees talks about how Gyu-man is a murderer for sure and regrets it when he realises that the said man has been listening throughout the conversation.
RMBSW Ep19-13
Later, the employee gets kicked and beaten up in front of everyone who is recording. His anger management issue is really… serious. You’re making your reputation worse than it already is, Gyu-man.
RMBSW Ep19-19 RMBSW Ep19-16
Taking Moo-suk’s advice and wanting to turn the public in their favour, Chairman Nam puts up with humiliation, apologises and bows to the public, saying that Gyu-man will be stepped down from his position as president. We all know it’s for a show.
RMBSW Ep19-17 RMBSW Ep19-3
Oh, I love Dong-ho even more now as he pokes at Moo-suk by saying him to be Ilho Group’s hound. He imitates it and sticks his tongue out at him, heh. Kid. He moves to tell Chairman Nam not to trust Moo-suk too much, since there’s no one that can be trusted. Or is there?
RMBSW Ep19-20 RMBSW Ep19-21
Chairman Nam has been trying to his son out of retrial through Moo-suk who visits Detective Gawk. He bribes him not to say anything at the retrial if he wants to get out of prison. Hope Detective Gawk really repent and doesn’t listen to him.
RMBSW Ep19-22 RMBSW Ep19-23
Secretary Ahn is most needed at the retrial, however, Suk-gyu learns that Gyu-man has made him disappeared. He informs In-ah and Jin-woo about it. On the other side, Sang-ho fails to get through to Secretary Ahn’s calls. Dong-ho senses that something really happened and that it’s time to repay his debt to Jin-woo by finding him.
RMBSW Ep19-24 RMBSW Ep19-25
Poor Ahn is suffering alone in darkness and begs for his life, saying he would do anything other than taking wine opener from Jin-woo. Gyu-man isn’t letting him go at all, and wants to make Jin-woo come instead.
RMBSW Ep19-26
Woah, with the help of his friend, Dong-ho manages to find the whereabouts of Secretary Ahn but gets overpowered and beaten up by Gyu-man’s hired men. Later, Sang-ho and his men arrive to overpower them.
RMBSW Ep19-28 RMBSW Ep19-29
At least, hey, Poor Ahn is saved! Hah, I loved this scene. Sang-ho thanks him for staying alive and Soo-beom (let’s call him that now) thanks him for saving his life. Dong-ho: “My goodness, aren’t you two just a pair of lovebirds? Get a room, you two.” Heh, so me.
RMBSW Ep19-32 RMBSW Ep19-31
Soo-beom stays at Dong-ho’s office and, thanks to Dong-ho, Jin-woo visits him and asks him to stand witness. However, he doesn’t want to as he knows how malicious Gyu-man can get from watching him over the years.
RMBSW Ep19-34 RMBSW Ep19-33
It’s the day of retrial and Jin-woo dresses up. He thinks, “I’m sorry, Dad” and about his conversation with Dad. Tears everywhereeee. Dad cried, asking what if all his memories of his son vanish, and young Jin-woo cried that he would remember everything for him.
RMBSW Ep19-37 RMBSW Ep19-36
Jin-woo arrives at the court with In-ah walking from the opposite, no longer a lawyer. She hugs him as if saying good luck. “Lawyer Seo Jin-woo, your father is watching you. Tell everyone the story you’ve been wanting to tell them,” she says. Hell yeah!
RMBSW Ep19-38
During the retrial, Detective has proven to have repented as he admits to his crimes and everything he done. Yay. Jin-woo finally presents the real weapon which the prosecutor objects to submitting it as evidence as Jin-woo can’t reveal where it originated from.
RMBSW Ep19-40
Just in time, Soo-beom arrives at the court as being the one who gave the wine opener to Jin-woo. Taking the witness stand, he tells everything, from what Gyu-man had done to Jung-ah to the fact that he made fake evidence because he was afraid of being framed by Gyu-man.
RMBSW Ep19-49
During closing argument, Jin-woo addresses how Dad was innocent and passed away not too long ago. While Dad was accused, Gyu-man continued on with his evil doings. “I realised that the truth does not speak for itself,” he continues. He had tried very hard not to forget the memories Dad had lost for past five years.
RMBSW Ep19-42 RMBSW Ep19-43
Finally, finally, after five years, Seo Jae-hyuk is declared not guilty. With that, Dong-ho feels much better and says that paying penance for all the wrong he’d done is his life. Aw, he is repenting as well.
RMBSW Ep19-45
Jin-woo returns to his old home and looks through Dad’s belonging, apologising for taking so long. Tears roll down his cheek as he feels relieved for finally clearing his father’s name.
RMBSW Ep19-48
Now, it’s time to catch Gyu-man who is trying to escape to China as suggested by Moo-suk. Everyone is on his tail as they search for his whereabouts.
RMBSW Ep19-46 RMBSW Ep19-47
Gotta like Yeo-kyung for this as she informs In-ah about Gyu-man’s plan as it’s her last ounce of pride as a prosecutor. Yeah, that’s right thing to do!
RMBSW Ep19-53 RMBSW Ep19-54
Both Dong-ho and Jin-woo car-race towards the possible place where Gyu-man might be. Dong-ho is at the ship dock, however, it’s a wrong place. Meanwhile, Jin-woo has the right place.
RMBSW Ep19-56 RMBSW Ep19-55
Gyu-man tells him to catch him if he can as there is helicopter right in front of them to escape. However, the helicopter flies away without him. LOL, this is da best thing ever, seeing Gyu-man’s shocked expression and that he can’t accept the reality. Now, it’s Jin-woo’s turn to be smug, having caught the evil man. Woohoo!
RMBSW Ep19-58 RMBSW Ep19-57
Gyu-man can no longer escape now that In-ah and the rest have arrived at the scene. In-ah looks satisfied as well and Gyu-man can only fake-laugh at his own situation.

This show has to end in the way we want! The characters have gone through countless sufferings, so they deserve a happy ending. Except for the Council of Evils. I can’t wait to see the evils turn against one another, if that’s going to happen in final episode, heh. I get that most people drop the show because of the corrupted laws and angst. However, I would suggest to watch from episode 17 onwards for those who dropped halfway.

Jin-woo’s hard work of five years has finally paid off. What’s even better is that he manages to do everything he needed to do before his memory starts deteriorating further. I was so afraid that he might have amnesia attack during the retrial but am relieved that it didn’t happen. It has been a long battle for Jin-woo. A long war, fighting for his father. All left to do is to bring Council of Evils to justice.
RMBSW Ep19-59

Let’s not forget that, other than Jin-woo, Soo-beom has suffered the most. He has been with Gyu-man for years and deal with his anger management issues countless times. I am so glad that Dong-ho saved him before he gets killed, because Soo-beom doesn’t deserve to be that way in Gyu-man’s hands. As for Dong-ho, he has been feeling guilty towards Jin-woo for five years, so he is doing whatever he can to help Jin-woo even if it’s illegal. More than us, he is glad and proud that Jin-woo is able to finish what himself started and couldn’t finish. I can see that Jin-woo is starting to trust and understand Dong-ho. Besides that, both of them have the same goal as their fathers were killed by the Nam family. They are so going to expose the evils’ crimes to the world!
RMBSW Ep19-60


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  2. like yourself, i squeezed every moment when JW steal a little comfort from his Inah, when we are sensitive, we can ‘see’ signs bright and clear, i believed Jinwoo’s kiss-scene’s dialogue is echo beautifully with JW’s flashback of dad just before his retrial, enforced he perfectly know how IA felt for him……..
    under the wishing tree, JW: “i don’t have much time left, while I’ll remember your name, and your face.” (Dad in prison told him: “I’m really sorry that I can’t be there for you. What if all the memories of you vanish too?”)
    IA: “It’s okay. I will be your memory.”(JW answered dad: “I can remember everything for you. I will remember them forever. All of your memories are left here with me.”)
    just before JW went for the 3rd retrial, he think back to what dad said, and suddenly you realised why Writernim, keep replay scenes of JW visiting dad, back at ep1-6… All the crying and memories are a reflection of what IA will feel for him.
    I started to admire Writer’s style of parallel JW’s dialogue with dad to his own discourse with IA. Back then at Ep 18, his words was almost parallel to what dad in prison told him, dad said what if all his memories of JW will vanish, same as what he told Inah under the wishing tree, that he will not remember her, her name her face anymore. Then what did he replied dad? He told dad, he can remember everything for dad forever, all of dad’s memories he kept in his heart, dad left himself in his memories in the son. Same with IA, when IA told him, “I will be your memory.” at this, JW should exactly understand the sincerity of IA, because he spoke almost the exact meaning to Dad, not long ago.
    Then, when he won the case, went back to dad’s old house, as a promise that he will only return when he vindicate dad, dad’s letter again said, “even if I lose my memory again, you will remain in my heart forever.” this will be the exact feel he has toward IA, knowing that just like dad, even when Dad lost his memories, when he become sober to pen the farewell letter to JW, he who remain in dad’s heart will surfaced once again. There will be days when IA who remain in his heart will surfaced.
    evelynL. Think you will like this. Excited to share with you.

    Liked by 1 person

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