Cheese in the Trap – Episode 12 Review

I like how it is making progress in this episode as we get to learn more of why Jung did what he did. We get to see his perspective from the past. Other than that, Seol and Jung struggle to see through their problems together.

CITT Ep12-1
In-ho is becoming better in terms of patience and temper that he accepts to take on a small competition suggested by the piano teacher (his former teacher actually suggested it). He even feels grateful for the chance.
CITT Ep12-10
Stalker Young-gon follows Seol home in shadow but gets exposed, anyway. He tries to apologise but Seol wouldn’t hear of it. He talks about how he hates Jung, but Seol retorts that he can’t even be compared to Jung.
CITT Ep12-3 CITT Ep12-4
He warns her to tell In-ho to take down the posts. Well, it turns out that Seol was the one who posted the photos of him stalking on school website. This infuriates Young-gon further.
CITT Ep12-6 CITT Ep12-5
Jung is still helping to get rid of Young-gon secretly by getting In-ha to film the argument. However, Seol doesn’t know that Jung knows about Young-gon bothering her.
CITT Ep12-12 CITT Ep12-11
Wanting to win the guys over especially Sang-chul, Young-gon offers to buy meat which is successful. At lunch, the guys ask about him cheating and the hot girl, In-ha. And, wow, Young-gon actually feels proud for cheating with a hot girl. Gosh.
CITT Ep12-9 CITT Ep12-8
His feeling proud lasted a moment as Eun-taek texts one of the guys about the posts with a photo of Young-gon in front of computer on school website. One by one, everyone turns against Young-gon as they read how he wrote about them in bad ways.
CITT Ep12-16 CITT Ep12-15
Things aren’t going Young-gon’s way as Jung blocks it, getting him more pissed off than ever. Jung warns him to behave properly otherwise he would upload the video of him harassing Seol.
CITT Ep12-14
Seol learns from Eun-taek that Jung is behind the idea of posting Young-gon’s posts up on the site and that Jung knew everything about Young-gon through him. She goes off running, recalling everyone’s warnings against Jung.
CITT Ep12-17 CITT Ep12-18
She meets with Jung at his home surprisingly, wanting to clear up the misunderstandings. She tells him everything about helping In-ho out and apologises for not telling him about Young-gon. Jung says it’s all over and that they should stop talking about it.
CITT Ep12-19
However, Seol says it’s not over. The problem is between these two and she wants him to be honest. She adds that she won’t hide her inner feelings anymore. She wants to see him the way he is. Jung looks at her and says… “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
CITT Ep12-20 CITT Ep12-21
In-ho finds out that Jung had given his sister money for helping to get rid of the stalker who was planted by Jung actually. He calls it “playing around”, flaring up. Flashback shows how good friends both Jung and In-ho were, aw. That was till Jung suddenly become nicer to another piano student.
CITT Ep12-23 CITT Ep12-22
Jung’s father had suggested adopting both Baek siblings into his family, taking the kids back by surprise. Jung acted alright with it. The next day, Jung was seen giving a signed CD by In-ho’s favourite pianist which makes In-ho feel hurt.
CITT Ep12-24 CITT Ep12-27
Ah, Jung is still the same as before. He had made the pianist kid believe that In-ho was the one who reported the party when I bet Jung was actually the one. This led to In-ho getting beaten up by the bullies, witnessed by Jung, and losing the ability to play piano again.
CITT Ep12-26 CITT Ep12-25
When he asks why, Jung answers, “Why is it that people covet what doesn’t belong to them? They mistakenly think that what actually belongs to someone else is theirs and ultimately lose what belongs to them.” Ah, the adoption? Oh, Jung.
CITT Ep12-29 CITT Ep12-30
Back in present, In-ho calls Jung out to confront for using In-ha. Jung asks how long he is going to keep hanging around Seol. Over these issues, they decide to fight one on one and keep punching each other.
CITT Ep12-33 CITT Ep12-32
Suddenly, this fight is over Seol and Jung asks what does him liking Seol matter to him. In-ho: “Because I like her. It matters to me because I like her.” Growling, Jung accuses him of backstabbing him to which In-ho retorts who backstabbed first.
CITT Ep12-34
They exchanges more punches and Jung yells what he can do for her. In-ho presses him to say if he can guarantee that he won’t do the same to Seol what he did to him. Well, I hope Jung won’t do that.
CITT Ep12-35
After the boys’ fight, Jung texts Seol to meet him where she gasps at his battered face. While treating his injuries, Seol asks why he would still fight In-ho over something that happened in high school. I know, right?!
CITT Ep12-37 CITT Ep12-36
Why he hate In-ho so much? The flashback shows that that Jung did get signed sheet music for In-ho and he was so happy. That was till he overheard how In-ho boasted to pianist student about Jung being pity. Ah.
CITT Ep12-38
Poor Jung, I am beginning to understand why he became like this. He even overheard his own father saying how strange his son was and that he wouldn’t survive on his own. That was why Jung’s father wanted him to have siblings.
CITT Ep12-41
In present, Jung wonders to Seol if he is really strange. Seol puts her arms around him and comforts him by saying how they are very different from others, not strange. She tells him not to have a hard time on his own anymore and they’ll go though it together. Aw, I like how Seol is changing his perspective.
CITT Ep12-42 CITT Ep12-43
Jung admits that he was afraid that Seol might leave him if she found out who he truly is. Seol takes his and says, “I like you a lot, Senior. Much more than before.” Jung now feels more afraid of her leaving him. “I like you a lot too. Very much,” he says. She smiles and hugs him again.
CITT Ep12-44
Meanwhile, In-ho is alone outside and heads off, sighing, “It hurts.” He is aloneeee, with no one tending to his injuries.

Are we done with Young-gon, the stalker, yet? He is like the worst and most hardcore stalker ever! I am actually glad that Jung uses his “power” to “remove” him from being around Seol. From this episode, it’s mostly about Jung. We have been wondering why and misunderstood him like how everyone else, including Seol, did. His father is the factor. In-ho is also another factor. The factors that lead him to be what he is today. He had always looked strange or pitied to them and probably others too. However, like Seol said, he is different from others. Jung’s father had expected his son to be same as other kids, like In-ho, and that was probably why he looked “strange” to him when, in fact, the father was actually the one who made him that way.

I am pretty sure that Jung felt really hurt by In-ho’s words. In-ho had always boasted because that’s his personality. Jung is different. He actually sympathised with others, telling In-ho not to do this and that. In-ho had looked down on him and that was probably what made him change, to prove In-ho wrong. Something like that, I guess. Look at how he made In-ho scapegoat and not even helping out when he was beaten up by the bullies.
CITT Ep12-45


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