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Episodes aired: 9 of 16 episodes (as of 19th February)

Already loving Signal so far. It’s a suspense crime thriller show which the past and present communicate with each other through an old walkie-talkie, affecting each other’s timelines. What’s more, Signal comes from the writer of Three Days, Phantom and Sign. Loved her works especially Phantom.

SGN Ep1-1
Am glad to see him back onscreen since the last time I have watched him was in *coughs* Fashion King *coughs*. Lee Je Hoon plays a rebellious profiler in present, Park Hae-young, who is always going up against the cops and doing what he wants to bring the truth to light. Because, y’know, there’re always corrupted cops who covered up others’ crimes for their own benefits. I like how Lee Je Hoon is portraying him as if the role perfectly fits him, being adamant.
SGN Ep1-3
Another hot-headed cop who has to work Hae-young in long-term unsolved cases task force is Cha Soo-hyun (played by Kim Hye Soo). Sometimes, I actually love her badass-ness. She knows to kick ass well, and probably will become my favourite female character after the show ends. Whenever, her team is asked to drop a case to another team, on outside, she may followed the order, to Hae-young’s frustration. However, on inside and secretly, she investigates whichever case, surprising Hae-young.
SGN Ep1-4 SGN Ep3-2
Let’s not forget the past timeline. Cha Soo-hyun was a rookie cop and used to like Detective Lee Jae-han (played by Cho Jin Woong) who is quite similar to both of our leads in terms of their temper and determination. It’s no wonder why Hae-young in present is “fated” to communicate with Jae-han from the past through Jae-han’s old walkie-talkie.
SGN Ep3-3
There’re consequences, though. The past can even be changed thus affecting the present, the future. Only poor Hae-young knows what’s going on and constantly gets his mind blown as to what’s happening in present due to the changed past. Sometimes, it could be a good thing. Due to wrong actions by Jae-han, Soo-hyun died in present. Hae-young becomes more determined and tells Jae-han to catch the real criminal so that Soo-hyun’s death didn’t happen at all. However, since then, it’s Hae-young who wants to stop the transmission. Don’t look like both Hae-young and Jae-han can escape from it. Oh, and when will Hae-young let Soo-hyun know about the transmission from the past?! But, first, will he?

SGN Ep2-1
Why you should watch Signal
– Mind-blowing cases
– Mind-blowing time loops
– Communication between past and present
– Soo-hyun’s badass-y
– Just watch it, hah

Mind-blowing time loops, because, in the first episode, Jae-han seems to know Hae-young already from the way how he communicated with clueless Hae-young. It seems that the present timeline has reset like how saw that Jae-han’s timeline (2000) has being reset to 1989. Time paradox? Definitely.
SGN Ep2-2

I love that Signal is constantly keeping me on the edge and never disappoints me because I have been looking forward to it since the announcement of new show by the writer of Phantom. It feels similar to a Hong Kong drama To Get Unstuck in Time which was totally my favourite. You can say that I have been a fan of such time loop/travel since then. Signal, way to go!
SGN Ep8-1


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