Remember–Son’s War – Episode 20 (Final) Review

Ah, a long battle has come to a finishing line and it’s all worth it for the sons. Even though every evil people has been brought to justice, there is still a hint of sadness with joy around the good people in the final episode.

RMBSW Ep20-2
Failed to escape, Gyu-man is arrested and every evidence points towards him for every crimes he had done – sexual assaults and murder of Oh Jung-ah. Chairman Nam is confident that he will get his son out by using people who have been receiving money from him.
RMBSW Ep20-3 RMBSW Ep20-4
At least there is someone related who is not like Chairman Nam. Yeo-kyung says Gyu-man turns out to be like because of him. Yes, you know. She decides to leave because she is appalled by how both of her father and brother believe it’s completely fine to kill someone.
RMBSW Ep20-5 RMBSW Ep20-6
Soo-beom decides to turn himself in and remains being a friend towards Gyu-man though the latter doesn’t see that way. He wants Gyu-man to face the consequences and tells him that he was lonely because of him, before leaving. When alone, Gyu-man admits to himself that Soo-beom is not the only one who felt lonely.
RMBSW Ep20-7 RMBSW Ep20-8
Despite having everything to use against Gyu-man, the judge for his trial has been change in Chairman Nam’s favour. He even denies Prosecutor In-ah’s request of summoning the witness.
RMBSW Ep20-9
Looks like Jin-woo knew that it would happen and calls the judge to reside fairly at the trial if he doesn’t want to be in the news for accepting the bribe from Chairman Nam like that Jang person.
RMBSW Ep20-11 RMBSW Ep20-10
Thanks to Jin-woo, the judge starts to accept the witnesses In-ah summons, Detective Gwak and Jin-woo, to Moo-suk’s surprise. Woohoo~! When Jin-woo takes stand, he names every crime Gyu-man had done and, wow, that’s a whole bunch. This only boils Gyu-man’s blood but had to calm down in court.
Well, he can’t contain his anger any longer when the verdict announces that he is sentenced to death, lunging at Jin-woo. He yells, “I’m the law. What I say is the law!” You’re doomed, dude.
RMBSW Ep20-13 RMBSW Ep20-14
Even though Gyu-man finally gets what he deserved, Soo-beom admits to Suk-gyu that he is feeling bad. Suk-gyu states that they are all friend and seeing them in prison makes him sad. Aw, they are still considering Gyu-man as a friend.
RMBSW Ep20-15 RMBSW Ep20-17
Ha-young gifts a monkey couple plushie to Jin-woo and In-ah, wishing them happiness. Aw. Meanwhile, Gyu-man suffers in pain from probably his anger, however, the doctor tells him to get out. That’s karma for ya, bro.
RMBSW Ep20-21 RMBSW Ep20-20
Jin-woo visits Gyu-man to see him for the last time. He tells him to face his fate in the prison which infuriates him. Gyu-man demands not to forget him while Jin-woo loses all his memories.
RMBSW Ep20-24
Gyu-man has been such a hatred person, but for the first time in 20 episodes, I feel sad and sympathise with him when his own father abandoned him since he is of no use to his company.
RMBSW Ep20-22
Probably for the first time ever, Gyu-man cries. Yes, tears spill out of his eyes. He is crying for his father. He wants his love, actually. However, the company is more important to Chairman Nam than his own son who feels more hurt and upset.
RMBSW Ep20-26
Since Ilho Group is falling soon, Moo-suk decides to betray Chairman Nam to save his own ass by turning everything about Ilho Group and Chairman Nam over to Prosecutor Tak. Oh, sly fox. Of course, Dong-ho isn’t going to let him get away.
RMBSW Ep20-27 RMBSW Ep20-29
Feeling betrayed by his own father, Gyu-man feels as if it’s now worthless to live his life. He looks out the windows and the next thing we know, he hangs himself (but how?!), committing suicide. Chairman Nam hears of the news the next day and grieves over the loss.
RMBSW Ep20-34 RMBSW Ep20-33
It feels like all the time chasing Gyu-man has gone to waste for Dong-ho and Jin-woo as Gyu-man ended his own life instead of paying for his crimes.
RMBSW Ep20-31 RMBSW Ep20-32
Chairman Nam eventually gets arrested by Prosecutor Tak as Moo-suk has turned his back on him. Moo-suk is now working for another law firm.
RMBSW Ep20-36
As Dad’s name is cleared, Jin-woo decides to quit being lawyer. He recalls many fond memories with In-ah who was always sticking her nose in his business. Aw, this is sad because he may lose the memories.
RMBSW Ep20-37 RMBSW Ep20-38
Chihuahua Moo-suk’s happy days only lasted a moment as In-ah arrives to arrest him, as per Prosecutor Tak’s request, for teaming up with Ilho Group and letting them commit all those crimes.
RMBSW Ep20-42 RMBSW Ep20-41
Jin-woo visits Dad’s urns and Dong-ho comes to visit his father’s too. When he calls Jin-woo, Jin-woo turns to ask if he knows him. Oh criesss. As requested by Jin-woo few days ago, Dong-ho pretends not to know him but Jin-woo recalls seeing him few times years ago.
RMBSW Ep20-43
When he turns to leave, Jin-woo asks if he knows what is the best compliment a lawyer can give to another. ““Please represent me.” Isn’t that it?” Dong-ho answers. Jin-woo: “When I saw you, that came to mind.” This only leaves Dong-ho to sob more.
RMBSW Ep20-44 RMBSW Ep20-45
Somewhere, Jin-woo burns a book of “Memories I want to forget” and keeps “Memories I want to cherish” book. Hopefully, there is In-ah in it. Speaking of, In-ah can’t find him anywhere the next day and, instead, found his video left for her. In the video, Jin-woo tells her that he doesn’t want her to suffer any longer which only makes her sob more. Criesss.
RMBSW Ep20-46
One year later. Dong-ho and Suk-gyu are working well and In-ah hasn’t heard from Jin-woo since a year ago.
RMBSW Ep20-47 RMBSW Ep20-48
Dong-ho has taken over Jin-woo’s law firm as per latter’s request. Flashback shows Jin-woo asking Dong-ho to keep the 50-dollar contract and represent people who really need the law. That’s the reason why Dong-ho accepts sweet potatoes as payment from his client.
RMBSW Ep20-49 RMBSW Ep20-50
In-ah goes to the place where they first shared a kiss and is delighted to see Jin-woo there. However, Jin-woo doesn’t recognise her, apologising for not remembering her. Tears spill out of her says, In-ah says he looked so much like someone she knew. Is she thinking that he is possibly not Jin-woo?
RMBSW Ep20-51
In-ah reads the card Jin-woo left, “I’m sure the pieces of my memory that I’ve lost are with you. Please cherish those memories forever. Wherever I am, I always wish for your happiness.” This makes her smile, confirming that he is Jin-woo she knows, as the memory of her is still there in Jin-woo even though Jin-woo has lost his memory.
RMBSW Ep20-54 RMBSW Ep20-55
She runs outside to ask Jin-woo if he remembers the ring necklace which he left for her a year ago. However, he says no. Oh, nooo. He turns to leave and In-ah follows him behind.
RMBSW Ep20-56
In Jin-woo’s voiceover from the video which Dong-ho and the rest watch:

“I was an attorney who could remember everything. It was my ability as well as my disability. Because of the memories, I was happy and sad at times. I will never forget the times we had together. Thank you so much for all the great memories. Although memories become lost, the fact that I existed does not.”

Naw, his memories are lost. However, I believe that, in his heart, he knows that there is someone out there who is keeping the memories for him. I am sure he has been referring to his “Memories I want to cherish” but can’t remember later when In-ah comes to see him. Speaking of In-ah, she has been really such a great supporter throughout the show. She has always been there for Jin-woo since day one. However, Jin-woo doesn’t want to share his burden by hurting her. They care about each other by thinking that way. In-ah doesn’t mind his memory disease but Jin-woo minds it and knows how much In-ah would suffer with him.
RMBSW Ep20-58

It has been a long battle, right? Son’s War not only refers to Jin-woo’s but also Gyu-man’s and Dong-ho’s. Gyu-man finally got what he deserved, however, committed suicide. Throughout the show, Gyu-man has been wanting to look good in his father’s eyes. He is always wanting his attention and fatherly love from him, thus becoming such an evil person like his father. Like father, like son. Both of them won’t even face the reality of having to pay for their crimes. Chairman Nam is actually the worst and evil-est person here. It’s because he would toss away the people who are of no use to him, including his own son. His own son. Gyu-man has been living his for his father, so this is why he decided to kill himself after being abandoned by his own father. In the end, Gyu-man remains the same, not wanting to face the fact that he has to pay for his crimes for the rest of his life. RIP, Gyu-man. He is the saddest person ever. Namgoong Min has really done an terrific job in portraying villainous character. Can I just want him to take on villainous role only from now onwards?
RMBSW Ep20-59

Park Dong-ho remains a lovable person throughout the show. We know that he started working with Ilho Group and did the dirty work. However, we all also know that he did this to protect his father figure Joo-il and Jin-woo. He knows how powerful the Nam family is and is constantly stopping Jin-woo from getting to them till he has information on them. One has to plant himself and fake sucking up to someone to get the dirty information out of them to use against them. That’s Dong-ho and Prosecutor Tak.

I love how Park Sung Woong portrayed Dong-ho, showing his youth side. He is such an adorable ahjussi, heh.
RMBSW Ep20-60

Yoo Seung Ho has done incredible job, especially with his eyes acting. I am glad that his army comeback is a success as Remember broke 20% viewership ratings in Korea. Park Min Young never fails to get the love from the viewers like how she did in City Hunter and Healer. Besides loving the casts, let’s not forget that I love how beautiful the cinematography is.

There are people who dropped this show, saying it’s a trainwreck. Yes, they threw in thrills. However, nevertheless, I still watched Remember for its plot (well, kinda) and Yoo Seung Ho. As well as Park Sung Woong and Park Min Young, heh. I like how they gave us a beautiful open-ended ending for us to guess what would happen to the couple afterwards. Eventually, Jin-woo, with Alzheimer’s disease, forgets everything that happened in past 20 episodes, sigh. It’s nice how there are sunny days ahead of them now and Jin-woo is living peaceful life and not suffering anymore. Same thing goes for others like Soo-beom. The sad thing is that In-ah wasn’t able to spend that one year with Jin-woo and aiding in his memory. It’s okay, she has found him and is probably going to stick her nose in his business like how she did in the past and met him.
RMBSW Ep20-62

As much as I love Yoo Seung Ho and the casts, I am glad that Remember is finally over with Jin-woo and the rest having better lives. What’s more, the upcoming new show after this show is comedy afterlife Come Back Ahjussi and I thought I needed it after watching everyone suffer on Remember. As always, cheers to Remember – Son’s War, a beautiful show!
RMBSW Ep20-61


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  2. “I am sure he has been referring to his “Memories I want to cherish” but can’t remember later when In-ah comes to see him. …However, Jin-woo doesn’t want to share his burden by hurting her.” since this is the last ep, and its comforting that you support our InAh right to the end, and pointing out somei=thing that i do not even noticed. like what you said, while he push IA aways is not that he want her to forget him, remember he wrote in that note that he prayed that she will cherish those memories forever, it just that he found it will be cruel for her to witness daily how much he forget her, and causing her much sadness to repeat a kind of ‘unrequited love’ on her part… but JW should understand it is whenever he show sign that he remembers her, just like that little notes on the wishing tree, when he mentioned his lost memories should be all cherish by her, just a mentioning of her made her completely floored and gratified that she will wore till death never ever to let go that hand that pen that pen…. at least her determination show that. that smile as she trailed behind him, even if he fake or real doesn’t recognised the pendent, she has already find comfort and new joy in following him,,,, loved what you said,” It’s okay, she has found him and is probably going to stick her nose in his business like how she did in the past and met him.” so let’s both of us, and others go on to believe that, she will stick her nose in his business and until one day he will follow her back to legal firm and live together with the larger family there…. this couple happened to be my most achingly favourite on screen couple.

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