Moorim School – Episode 11 Review

Like exams, everyone is training hard for upcoming Moorim competition and working on their weakness aspects. Meanwhile, Shi-woo tries to find few answers about himself and his ability.

MS Ep11-1
Dean Hwang tries to persuade Soon-duk’s father into letting his daughter go to Moorim School, saying that she has bright future, but fails. Dad doesn’t want Soon-duk to be mixed up with the Chintamani, to Dean Hwang’s surprise.
MS Ep11-3 MS Ep11-2
It’s because no one had told him about the Chintamani, not even Soon-duk. Dean Hwang learns that Dad had gone blind due to an accident shortly after she was born and I feel like that we getting a step closer to the truth being uncovered.
MS Ep11-4 MS Ep11-6
Dad also learns that Shi-woo, who stays back to beg him to let Soon-duk go back to school, and his parents who died in fire. He thinks it must coincidence because he thought the child he saved had died that time. But, it seemed that he was mistaken.
MS Ep11-7 MS Ep11-8
Oh, no. Chairman Wang’s secretary discovers that they kidnapped wrong girl and also scouts Choi-ho to join in forces with them to crush the school through the competition.
MS Ep11-11 MS Ep11-12
Soon-duk eventually returns to school secretly (and it seems that Dad is giving in) with Shi-woo where Chi-ang has been waiting with Dean Hwang. Not only them, the Taekwondo teacher arrives too, to the girls’ happiness. Heh, are those jealous faces?
MS Ep11-15
He is their senior, Kang Tae-ho (played by Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan), and apparently aced every classes back then. No wonder every girl, including Soon-duk, liked him as he was so cool, heh.
MS Ep11-14 MS Ep11-13
Tae-ho seems to know Dean Hwang’s secret which wasn’t told to Sun-ah yet. The dean plans to do so after the competition.
MS Ep11-17 MS Ep11-16
During the practice, he assess everyone’s skills and tells of their weakness, excluding Shi-woo’s. Hmm…? Tae-ho knows that everyone wants to win the competition, but that’s not the most important aspect of the competition. He wants them to find out what and that’s their homework.
MS Ep11-19
The students ponder over what it could possibly be. Dean Hwang has told Tae-ho about Shi-woo who has grown quite exponentially and that it’s a fate for him to come to Moorim, and Chi-ang who is the son of the sponsor. Tae-ho is tasked to make sure no one gets hurt.
MS Ep11-23 MS Ep11-24
Hah, it’s cute seeing Soon-duk swoon over Tae-ho and Shi-woo has to kinda stop her. Meanwhile, since Chi-ang’s weakness is having problem controlling his strength, Sun-ah tells him that his heart might be the issue, not his body.
MS Ep11-21 MS Ep11-22
Why does it look like Dad is trying to face the reality of his daughter going to the school against his wish? Dad still hasn’t called Soon-duk yet and Sun-ah tells her to cheer up, since she is also in similar situation with his father.
MS Ep11-26
Tae-ho finds Shi-woo practicing at night, and tells him that he knows the answer to his own weakness. What exactly is Shi-woo’s weakness?
MS Ep11-27 MS Ep11-28
Since Dean Hwang allow parents and board members in the school for competition, Teacher Bubgong is assigned to mark the contestants who are possibly Juk Poong. All they have to do is trust their own students to win the competition to get the key to Chintamani.
MS Ep11-29 MS Ep11-30
While the rest train hard, Shi-woo starts to wonder about his own power to which Sun-ah think it’s “Gi Chae Sool”. It means having the skill to be able to beat your opponent without having to touch him, just by using your energy. Which it requires tremendous amount of life energy.
MS Ep11-31
Shi-woo and Chi-ang spar with each other and Shi-woo keeps losing to which Chi-ang tells him to buck up and show his skills. However, being different from Chi-ang, Shi-woo doesn’t want to hurt not lose him or anyone else. Plus with Bubgong’s words, Chi-ang still wants to be number one.
MS Ep11-33 MS Ep11-34
At practice, Sun-ah fails to defeat exceptionally skilled Tae-ho who shows no mercy. Jung and Chi-ang want to go up against him, however, Tae-ho says they will have to beat Sun-ah first. He is being like this because no one gave him the answer to the homework given. Chi-ang speaks up, saying that he knows that answer – becoming strong to protect someone. But Chi-ang doesn’t have time to care about it. Tae-ho points out that he can’t protect anyone if he thinks he can protect something only if he get recognition.
MS Ep11-37 MS Ep11-36
Shi-woo asks Dean Hwang about Gi Chae Sool which he think he might be able to protect something precious with it. It triggers Dean Hwang’s memory of his friend Chae-yoon who said the same words. He wish he could help Shi-woo with it, but there is only person who mastered the skill and he is dead. However, Chae-yoon is alive elsewhere.
MS Ep11-38 MS Ep11-40
Afterwards, Shi-woo accepts that he might be the kid in the fire (of course!) and starts to train on releasing his mystical power. Meanwhile, Soon-duk’s father gets invitation in braille and Chi-ang’s mother gets one too (normal one, of course) to Moorim competition.
MS Ep11-41
Shi-woo tries to release, but it doesn’t work. Tae-ho sees this and knows that it wouldn’t work with punching bag coming at him. “If you keep someone and something you want to protect in mind and try, it might help you bring out that power.”
MS Ep11-42 MS Ep11-45
So, Shi-woo asks Soon-duk to throw punch at him. However, it doesn’t work. Soon-duk and Chi-ang are puzzled and Sun-ah asks if he is trying to block Soon-duk’s fist by relying on solely his energy. To that, Chi-ang tells him to continue and better block it right this time.
MS Ep11-44 MS Ep11-43
Shi-woo gets ready and gathers energy and when Chi-ang throws a punch, his fist stops mid-way forcefully, to everyone’s surprise. Tae-ho is there as well, watching everything. In his office, Dean Hwang senses something. It works!

Finally, Shi-woo is using his special power. However, I am afraid there might be consequences. I wonder if him using the power is going to alert Chae-yoon and brings him forth to the school which he hasn’t been able to find. Speaking of Chae-yoon, I hope he quickly finds the school and surprise Dean Hwang of his alive being. Heh. I just want Chae-yoon to be reunited with his children. Before that, I want Dean Hwang to quickly discover that Shi-woo and Sun-ah are related. But, I wonder why Sun-ah doesn’t have the special power like Shi-woo? I guess only Shi-woo inherited? Well, Moorim School has gotten me with its mystery vibes, I admit. With the competition coming up, it’s unpredictable as to who will win and what will happen.
MS Ep11-48


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