Cheese in the Trap – Episode 13 Review

Spotlight is on In-ho as he has many other problems in his life. One can’t escape from the past like how In-ho’s past comes back to haunt him.

CITT Ep13-2
From the fight the night before, In-ho gets reprimanded for getting into a fight by piano teacher as he has already once hurt his hand. What if he hurt his hand again? You better not, In-ho.
CITT Ep13-3 CITT Ep13-4
Seol is now mindful of Jung’s attitude towards In-ho as Seol admits studying with him. Jung doesn’t mind it as he knows her. However, In-ho knows, overhears and leaves to ease Seol’s uncomfortableness.
CITT Ep13-6 CITT Ep13-5
They meet on the way home anyway. In-ho explains that he is preparing for small competition and Seol is delighted to hear that. N’aw, she is probably the first person to feel happy for him, which is sad.
CITT Ep13-9
While In-ho tries to take care of his feelings, Seol enjoys a date with Jung who offers to lend his notes to her to study for graduation exam. Aw, he looks childishly jealous when Seol seems to like the notes more than him, heh.
CITT Ep13-10 CITT Ep13-11
Troubles troubles. A big boss has come to look for In-ho for his debt and he has to run away, dragging unwell Seol, when he sees the boss at school. It’s when the pain finally takes over Seol and In-ho rushes her to hospital.
CITT Ep13-12 CITT Ep13-13
It turns out that Seol has been stressing a lot lately, therefore stress-induced gastric. Jung comes by later due to his work, being worried sick for his girlfriend. He says he is glad that In-ho is by her side. Aw yeah, it’s probably first time to hear him saying like that.
CITT Ep13-14
In-ho decides to face the boss instead of getting found out and involve Seol’s family. He has to pay back the debt, however, the money is taken away by In-ha. Sigh, In-ha.
CITT Ep13-18 CITT Ep13-19
Seol has to go to school as soon as she is discharged. In-ho waits outside for her and it feels like In-ho brought the medicine for Seol, not asked by her father. He goes somewhere else, instead of going to school with her. He goes to bank to try asking for loan, but couldn’t.
CITT Ep13-16 CITT Ep13-17
Oh, I like how we are getting more of Eun-taek and Bo-ra. Bo-ra seems to be little concerned when Eun-taek brought tea for Seol and doesn’t seem to care about Bo-ra anymore lately. Eun-taek is also always busy somewhere. Seol asks why she couldn’t accept him to which Bo-ra says she didn’t want to break up after dating. She is afraid of losing her friends.
CITT Ep13-21 CITT Ep13-20
Gah, Sang-chul is still the same as always. When he sees Jung’s precious notes in Seol’s hands, he asks for copies and even lets everyone else know. Because of that, Da-young and the girls suck up to her, hoping to get their hands on Jung’s notes. Gosh. I am glad that Bo-ra is there to shoo them away.
CITT Ep13-22 CITT Ep13-23
Seol asks Jung about it to which he says he prefers it if she didn’t give. He asks if she isn’t tired of them demanding everything as they deserve it. It will become her loss in the end. Yes, damn right. Listen to him, Seol!
CITT Ep13-26 CITT Ep13-27
Having no money, In-ho has no choice but to turn to Jung’s father. However, the father is not pleased with him asking for favour as he asks if he had to get in fight with Jung. In the end, In-ho gets chastised for going down crooked path when he was given a chance. Looks like he got wrong about Jung and In-ho.
CITT Ep13-28
Sang-chul continue to pester Seol for the notes and she finally gives in, to just copy once. However, when she reaches the photocopier shop, she overhears Da-young and Sang-chul badmouthing her. Good thing! Because the sense is finally knocked into her and she becomes bolder.
CITT Ep13-31 CITT Ep13-30
She tells them off when Da-young asks (fakely) to eat lunch with her and Sang-chul demands for what he wanted. Standing up for herself, Seol asks why should her personal belongings get passed around and tells Sang-chul to stop whining and a like a senior. Woohoo, that’s right thing to do!
CITT Ep13-32
Jung meets with In-ho, having heard about his debt and favour from his father, and says that he will give him money. Well, with the condition of staying away from Seol, of course. That’s because Jung doesn’t want Seol and her family to be in danger because of In-ho.
CITT Ep13-35 CITT Ep13-34
Looks like In-ho starts to stay away from Seol and her family as he didn’t come in for work. He doesn’t say anything when Seol comes by his home to pass the kimchi. However, at the last minute, he runs out to put scarf on her to dress warmly and convey his message of “Thank you” to her mother.
CITT Ep13-33 CITT Ep13-36
The next day in school, Bo-ra drags Seol to look for Eun-taek who is working for photoshoot as a model. Aw, Bo-ra is looking at him with different eyes and shows a little hint of jealousy when he gets too close with another woman who is his boss.
CITT Ep13-37
On the way home, In-ho is deep in his own thoughts and Seol notices it from distance and asks if there is something wrong or that he needed money. In-ho asks what it is to her. Why does she care? Seol: “I don’t care. I don’t, but I’m worried, so what can I do? You told not to keep it inside when I’m going through a hard time. So how come can’t say a single word?”
CITT Ep13-38
This, I can totally relate to In-ho when he claims to be this kind of person. Seol says he is a good person which gets to In-ho. All of sudden, he grabs her in a hug, wanting a comfort.

Look at how he feels relaxed when he hugs her. He has been wanting to do this, since he likes her. He wants the comfort from someone he likes and it’s Seol despite her being Jung’s girlfriend. At least, Seol can do as a friend, right? It suck to see how In-ho suffer so much, more than Jung and Seol. He is all alone and can’t even control his over-spending older sister. Ah, his older sister. In-ha should set a good example for her brother, however, she doesn’t. In-ho is way more mature than her, though she is smart. How is In-ho going handle everything going on in his life? I hope for him to get a better life after everything. I haven’t been reading webtoon, so I am not entirely sure what will happen to In-ho and the couple.
CITT Ep13-29


One thought on “Cheese in the Trap – Episode 13 Review

  1. Inho is where he is because of the decisions he makes. How do you measure his suffering against that of another? His failure to have friends is because he forgot the rule to have a friend-be a friend. I too hope he overcome his false sense of entitlement and self-induced predicament. He certainly had the opportunity to escape the angst of his childhood by making a simple good decision. I fail to see his maturity. He did not appreciate what Jung’s dad said because he had a sense of entitlement. It appears his communications skills are as poor as Jung in some ways. He does not engage a conversation, especially if he doesn’t hear what he wants to hear. His poor decision making skills and lack of critical thinking skills forces him to be reactive rather than proactive. Even when he has to plan to overcome his deficit thinking it is too costly.
    I find it amazing that one person’s behavior can affect the lives of so many in such a negative way.
    For the want of a nail, a shoe was lost…


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