Moorim School – Episode 12 Review

Competition is here and the school is opened to public for the first time ever. Things aren’t going to be quiet, of course, as it’s going accordingly to antagonists’ (whoever) plan. And let’s give a moment to Chi-ang who has been trying to impress his father and the girl he likes.

MS Ep12-3
Even though the ability to bring the power out works, it’s not strong enough to block Chi-ang’s incoming punch and Shi-woo ends up getting hurt. He will need to channel the strength properly, as said by Tae-ho.
MS Ep12-5 MS Ep12-4
Like how Dean Hwang felt the energy, I wonder if Chae-yoon felt it too when he wanders in the forest. Poor him who is always in the forest, though.
MS Ep12-6 MS Ep12-7
Aw, man. Tae-ho wants to leave the school as he feels like he won’t be able to leave after seeing competition. Shi-woo runs to him as he has been curious as to why he turns down being successor of the school. Tae-ho says there people he really had to protect – his wife and child. He is married!
MS Ep12-9 MS Ep12-8
It’s a day before the competition, and everyone gets treated to good food by the teachers. Except for Shi-woo, everyone’s parents are coming. As for Sun-ah, Dean Hwang asks to go on a date after the competition. He is ready to tell everything.
MS Ep12-10
Everyone can only think about getting their hands on the Chintamani and Chi-ang about Soon-duk. Before they know it, it’s already competition day and Dean Hwang unlocks the seal himself for the first time ever.
MS Ep12-47 MS Ep12-11
Choi-ho has come to compete and Dean Hwang tells him that over 10 people signed him up, aw. He looks kinda touched, but is changed due to bad people’s influence. Among the outsiders, Jung’s older brother, Yeob Poong is competing as well as requested by Teacher Bubgong.
MS Ep12-48 MS Ep12-12
Chi-ang’s mother arrives and is surprised to hear that her son has made friends. His father hasn’t arrived yet and the secretary explains his business to which Soon-duk’s eyes widen at the familiarity of his voice.
MS Ep12-14
The 15th Moorim Competition will begin and will proceed by two on two tournament style. Shi-woo is paired with Jenny while Soon-duk is paired with Chi-ang. And there is Sun-ah who is paired with Jung’s brother. Looks like something big is going to happen. Well, is there ever situation where things could go smoothly?
MS Ep12-15 MS Ep12-16
The first round begins and most Moorim students advance to next round expectantly. However, both fathers of Chi-ang and Soon-duk didn’t get to see them in action.
MS Ep12-17 MS Ep12-18
Chae-yoon is still hunting outside and bumps into a man who gives him critical clue – the name of the man who took his son away. It’s not Dean Hwang but Soon-duk’s father.
MS Ep12-19 MS Ep12-21
Second round and Shi-woo passes it, advancing to next round. Chi-ang’s team is up against Choi-ho’s team. The problem is that Sang-san saw the real knife in Choi-ho’s hand earlier and reports quickly to the teachers. However, it’s too late, as Choi-ho takes it out and slashes it across Chi-ang’s face, to everyone’s shock.
MS Ep12-23
This must be the secretary’s plan as Choi-ho is thinking if he should stab Chi-ang, who insists continuing, for real. Shi-woo sees everything and shout out his name to get his sense back. It works as Choi-ho recalls Dean Hwang saying how the students even submitted an application for him. He decides to drop out of the match.
MS Ep12-24 MS Ep12-25
The competition continues with Sun-ah and Yeob Poong advancing to next round as well. Poong tells Sun-ah not to get in his way, saying that he wants the key to the Chintamani. He is just like his brother, lol. Sun-ah isn’t going to let that happen.
MS Ep12-26 MS Ep12-27
Soon-duk’s father approaches Shi-woo to ask more about his childhood memory and all Shi-woo can remember is fire and that he was abandoned in the mountain, crying under the leaves. This takes Dad by surprise.
MS Ep12-28 MS Ep12-29
Chi-ang’s father finally arrives with the chairman of Moorim Association. From distance, Soon-duk recognises Luna and the secretary who came with Chairman Wang. Despite Shi-woo yelling at Chi-ang to explain, Chi-ang doesn’t say anything. Quick, tell about your suspicious! He says to talk after the competition.
MS Ep12-30
As the final four of Team A, Shi-woo’s team has to go up against Chi-ang’s team. This is going to get real and intensive.
MS Ep12-34 MS Ep12-31
Chi-ang keeps attacking, however, get kicked in his injured shoulder. His weakness has been exposed, but Shi-woo is going easy on him. Chi-ang doesn’t give up, because his father is watching, and kicks Shi-woo towards the edge.
MS Ep12-33
As he is about to throw a punch, Shi-woo thinks that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, channelling the energy to block his punch. It successes and throws Chi-ang off the stage with the invisible energy, to everyone’s shock. The chairman recognises it, Gi Chae Sool.
MS Ep12-37 MS Ep12-36
Chi-ang has lost, feeling frustrated. He has been waiting for this day to beat Shi-woo while his father was watching. And to Soon-duk too. His mother overhears it and confronts Chairman Wang to go to comfort his son.
MS Ep12-38 MS Ep12-39
Chairman Wang sees Chi-ang who confronts him about being in the know of the kidnapping. Shi-woo and Soon-duk join in the conversation, wanting to know the truth. Wang explains that he wanted to meet with Sun-ah who is in the match.
MS Ep12-40 MS Ep12-41
And the match is the bloodiest ever. Jung goes against his own brother and anger takes over him, beating him up with blood. Teacher Bubgong, Luna and the secretary watch with satisfaction as if their plan is going well.
MS Ep12-42
Chairman Wang explains more about someone’s motive – sealing the school to hide the four-year-old girl who had the key. He had to come to school personally to check it out. He confirms with the kids that the man was their dean, Hwang Moo Song.
MS Ep12-44
Chairman Wang asks if he was wrong, knowing that Dean Hwang has been there listening in.

It sounds like Dean Hwang also still covets the key and is looking for other two pieces. Or maybe that Chairman Wang to make him look and sound bad. However, it’s also more likely that Dean Hwang doesn’t want the Chintamani to fall into wrong hands like the reason why the chairman and Chae-yoon protected for. Now, I am a lot more curious and can’t wait for many things to unfold and secrets reveal.
MS Ep12-45

There is something I have been wondering – why is Chairman Wang even involved in all these? Also, I wonder what Dean Hwang means when he felt Wang’s thirst for blood. Is he also one of those people or Juk Poong who wants the power in the world? He is quite strict towards his son who sacrifices a lot – especially his feelings and friends – to look the best to his father. I feel sorry for Chi-ang. Not only that his father doesn’t show affection for him, his love for Soon-duk is also one-sided. He wants more than affection from both of them. Therefore, he wants to be the best and beat Shi-woo to prove his ability and strength to them. They, including his mother, are precious people to him. It’s sad that he doesn’t care about hurting his only friend. I hope he will realise this – friendship over love – one day, in regards to his friendship with the kids. As for his father, I hope the heartless father will stop being obsessed with Dean Hwang and look at his own son, even though he might not have justification to take over the company.
MS Ep12-46


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