Cheese in the Trap – Episode 14 Review

We have been having little fun getting to know side characters around Seol before we shift our focus to the main characters in next episode.

CITT Ep14-1
Reeling from the sudden hug by In-ho, Seol tries to think of it as a comfort for him who went through a lot of things lately. Whereas, In-ho chastises himself for doing so.
CITT Ep14-2 CITT Ep14-3
Bo-ra gets upset hearing that he bought the earrings for the boss and decides to accept the fact cooly. What is Eun-taek thinking? Seol senses it and they go for a coffee before lesson in which she lost Jung’s notes. I am suspecting Da-young.
CITT Ep14-5 CITT Ep14-6
Seol keeps thinking about what to do with In-ho’s feelings, and tries to ask Bo-ra for advice, using her “friend”. And, well, I didn’t realise that Bo-ra is in same situation. This turns into Bo-ra saying that she will be cool about and send Eun-taek off.
CITT Ep14-4
Sang-chul is suspiciously relaxing when taking graduation exam. It must be him, then? In-ho meets with his boss and asks to give one month since the competition prize is money. He has to prove that he can play piano by searching up his own name, haha. Good idea.
CITT Ep14-7
Seol is avoiding In-ho whenever and even goes to convenience store to eat her dinner. However, In-ho finds her after his work at the noodle shop. He decides to be straightforward that he does like her and will take care of his own feelings. He wants to be friends like before otherwise her avoiding him would be uncomfortable.
CITT Ep14-9 CITT Ep14-10
On the way home, he meets In-ha and asks if she want to open a clothing shop, to In-ha’s disbelief. He even asks to move out together. He must be still feeling guilty for leaving her alone few times, that he wants to go together next time.
CITT Ep14-17 CITT Ep14-16
Despite the clarification last night, Seol is still awkward with In-ho when she sees him at school. In-ho asks to go home together after school.
CITT Ep14-11
Oh no, In-ho’s hand doesn’t seem to be in perfectly fine state as he keeps warming it up.  Why does it feel like In-ho may not be able to compete in the competition?
CITT Ep14-13CITT Ep14-12
Seol passes the graduation exam, so is Sang-chul who is in good mood, wanting to treat everyone. Da-young, however, fails it. Ah, this is getting clearer now as to who stole the notes.
CITT Ep14-15 CITT Ep14-14
Yes, Sang-chul is the one who stole it, revealing to Da-young. Seol walks pass by and overhears it. She confronts him and In-ho walks pass by too, having being ditched by Seol. Seeing Seol fall to the ground, he punches Sang-chul without hesitation. Oh no, you can’t punch with your precious hand!
CITT Ep14-18 CITT Ep14-20
Jung hears about the stealing and that Sang-chul applied to his father’s company. Having an idea, really not a good one, Jung uses his connection to accept Sang-chul, to everyone’s surprise who failed getting in. Jung also helps Sang-chul out regarding interview, meeting in school.
CITT Ep14-21
It’s Bo-ra’s birthday, however, she leaves the couple alone to date and goes to dinner with Eun-taek.
CITT Ep14-22 CITT Ep14-23
Alas, Bo-ra is left alone as Eun-taek is busy with his work. On the way home, she sees that Eun-taek has been waiting for her outside her home. He surprises her by giving her the earrings she liked the other day. I knew it! Bo-ra tears up and Eun-taek asks for the last time if he is really not the one.
CITT Ep14-24 CITT Ep14-25
Finally, when Eun-taek starts to leave after thinking he is rejected again, Bo-ra yells after him that she doesn’t want to break up and wishes that he could always be by her side. Finally, this is a confession, heh. Eun-taek promises not to die without her permission nor will ever break up with her. Err, isn’t that too much? But yeah, they get together!
CITT Ep14-26
Jung is helping Sang-chul so much that Seol is suspecting that Jung is doing something differently from what it seems like.
CITT Ep14-36 CITT Ep14-37
In-ho continues being a friend to Seol who returns the scarf to him. Nevertheless, she says she will come for his competition which In-ho invites her to.
CITT Ep14-39 CITT Ep14-38
As expected, Sang-chul fails the interview despite reading Jung’s notes, not showing his basic knowledge of the company. Almost every of his classmates hear about it, including Seol whose suspicious is kinda confirmed.
CITT Ep14-34 CITT Ep14-33
Sang-chul drowns his sorrows and drags Seol (why does she have to walk pass by there?) inside for a drink. In-ha, having no money, hangs out with Jae-woo (who seems to like In-ha, poor him), and bump into Seol and Sang-chul. In-ha hears the whole story and reveals everything about Jung who is the son of the company.
CITT Ep14-41 CITT Ep14-40
Realising that he has been set up, Sang-chul confronts Jung at his workplace, making commotions. To make it worse for Jung, his identity is exposed, taking co-workers back by surprise at the revelation.
CITT Ep14-42 CITT Ep14-43
Despite that, Jung keeps it cool and Sang-chul gets thrown out. Well, not when his identity has been revealed and his blood starts to boil. He takes Sang-chul by his collar and confronts him. Sang-chul smirks that it’s his true self and wonders if it can’t be because of “measly notes”. Jung points out that others’ belongings are “measly” to him and asks how it feel to lose some measly job.
CITT Ep14-45 CITT Ep14-46
Around the corner, Jung finds Seol who has been standing there and is not saying anything. Instead, she puts her arms around him and says not to say a word. She understands why he did it, she tells him. “How you’re feeling right now… I think I know. So, don’t be anxious. I won’t ever run away,” Seol reassures her boyfriend. They hug tighter.
CITT Ep14-47

From this, Seol and Jung show us that, in relationship, they accept each other for who they are, no matter how hot-tempered one is. They accept each other’s different ways of handling the issues. One needs to understand another why she/he did what she/he did. In addition, there has to be a reason otherwise one’s action won’t be forgiven. Like how Jung gets back at Sang-chul for stealing his notes from Seol by giving fake notes for the interview at his father’s company. Jung does what a person did to him and it’s called payback. However, it has negative impact on another since Jung has such power. It would affect Sang-chul’s future and also his employment. So, be careful what you do to Jung!
CITT Ep14-48

As for In-ho, he doesn’t want to lose his friendship with Seol and therefore decides to take care of his feeling towards Seol who already has a boyfriend. However, he is still doing things for her, such as playing soothing music for her to relax, which is sweet. He still takes care of her. To this, Seol is unsure of how to react around In-ho, his caring and friendliness, after knowing how he feels. I hope that they would return to the way they were before, always bickering. Also, I hope that In-ho would stop his habit of running away. Same goes for In-ha. When will she ever work for herself and set a good example to his little brother? Will we ever see it?
CITT Ep14-50


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