Cheese in the Trap – Episode 15 Review

Woah, the past week has been full of controversies about lesser of Park Hae Jin’s screen time as Jung and the way the drama drifted off the original webtoon story. Now that we are back, I can see that they are trying to make up for what the viewers have been complaining about.

CITT Ep15-1
Seol dislikes Sang-chul too so she tells Jung that she can’t blame him for doing that to him. She also tells him that hurting someone like that will come back to him in the end and wishes that he wouldn’t do that to others.
CITT Ep15-3 CITT Ep15-4
Everyone in school now knows about Jung being the heir to a big company and the girls accuse Seol of going after Jung because of his status. Ugh. They also heard about how Sang-chul was shortlisted and later get rejected on purpose by Jung. Ugh.
CITT Ep15-5 CITT Ep15-6
The people at company are now trying to suck up to Jung. Definitely what he expected when he is revealed to be the son of chairman. These people, sigh. Not only the co-workers, the kids at school are also trying to get close with him. Seol manages to get him away from the attention.
CITT Ep15-7 CITT Ep15-8
Sang-chul confronts Jung quietly not to look down on people and that there were some who were genuine and wanted to be friends with him. Eventually, Sang-chul apologises for all those times. Looks like he is becoming a better person.
CITT Ep15-10 CITT Ep15-9
On the way home in Jung’s car, aw, Seol bought a couple rings (because she saw a pair on Eun-taek and Bo-ra) for both of her and Jung. She quickly gives him a peck on lips before leaving shyly. Heh, look how happy and cute Jung is, with the ring.
CITT Ep15-11
I knew it! In-ho’s hand’s problem is back as the metal pin in it has inflammation and the doctor tells him that it will take two months to heal after surgery. Oh, no. How about his competition? And it doesn’t look like he would let the professor nor anyone know at all.
CITT Ep15-13 CITT Ep15-12
Idiot In-ho shoulders the burden himself and goes to see Seol secretly as if he needed a happy pill. Aw, sigh.
CITT Ep15-16 CITT Ep15-17
As her plan didn’t get Seol to leave Jung, Baek In-ha is up to another no good. She approaches Jung’s father to talk about how Jung’s girlfriend approached him knowing that he is the heir to Taerang.
CITT Ep15-14
And, well, Jung’s father gets wrong idea and reprimands his son about how he used his identity to manipulate others and that the girl had bad influence on him. Jung knows that In-ha is behind all this. Dad is determined to send Jung away from the girl.
CITT Ep15-18 CITT Ep15-19
Oh hey, Dad’s flashback is similar to the webtoon I read. Young Jung knew the other kid spiked the drink with wine and took it from him to give the girl who later got drunk. His father consulted the professor who said about Jung getting angry in quiet way and that it would affect his making sincere connection with people. He suggested giving Jung siblings. No wonder Dad wanted to adopt Baek siblings.
CITT Ep15-23
Speaking of siblings, Seol’s brother Joon seems to have not found what he wants to do. I guess he feels small after seeing Ah-young working hard on art for her competition. I wonder what he is going to do.
CITT Ep15-21 CITT Ep15-22
Jung isn’t definitely letting In-ha go for what she did. He purposely invited the chaebols to the party when they meet In-ha, having had flings with her. She makes scene and Jung’s father even calls security to take her out of the event, ignoring her pleads. Jung looks at her as if he has successfully taken revenge.
CITT Ep15-24 CITT Ep15-25
Afterwards, In-ho comes home to In-ha lying on the floor, in denial. She now really wants to kill Jung. In-ho hears about what happens and goes to confront Jung who is happily meeting Seol.
CITT Ep15-26 CITT Ep15-27
In-ho asks if it’s because he likes Seol that Jung did this to In-ha. He says he will leave and Jung asks if they can just leave him alone. He is so done with them and the past, telling him to tell In-ha to stop mouthing off about Seol again.
CITT Ep15-28 CITT Ep15-29
Not being able to accept the reality, In-ha tries to be apologetic towards Jung’s father, saying that she is trying to help Jung whom she calls “strange”. But, Dad knows better (yay) and says that it was a mistake bringing her in. He also says to end their personal relationship.
CITT Ep15-31 CITT Ep15-30
Vengeful, In-ha literally breaks into Jung’s home to confront him, saying that it’s all Seol’s fault. She keeps saying that she is the only one who understand him, but Jung says to never see each other again. That gets her to smash everything in his home and get dragged out.
CITT Ep15-33 CITT Ep15-38
Oh no, Seol is on the way to Jung’s home to surprise him as they plan to go on a trip together. In-ha sees her and says to herself that it’s only fair if Jung loses too. She goes right after Seol, yelling at and blaming her.
CITT Ep15-37
Seol tries to stop her but gets pushed out on the road. As she gets up, a car knocks into her. Oh no! Jung reads the text messages but gets strange feeling as he hears siren sounds.
CITT Ep15-35
On the road, Seol is bleeding profusely. That’s whole pool of blood!!

What is going on? What’s with adding a car accident in the last second episode? Really? I bet Cheese is like other dramas, throwing in more dramatic scene (as if it could get any more dramatic). From this, this shows how In-ha is not able to accept the reality of being abandoned by someone who took her in and having to survive on her own. She is totally spoiled, having depended on Dad too much. Besides that, she is a delusional girl, thinking that she meant more to Dad than Jung. Even though she is spiteful, I pity her somehow. She tries every way to get Dad’s attention and affection even though she is not his real daughter. She yearns for love, which Jung didn’t even give any and now same goes for Dad. I guess this is why In-ha hates Seol because of the love and attention Jung gives Seol. Damn it, it’s like Dad has messed up everyone’s mind. Look at three of them, Jung, In-ho and In-ha.
CITT Ep15-39


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