Moorim School – Episode 13 Review

Troubles and truths everywhere which lead to sadness and hurting. We are really stepping closer to everyone knowing the truth which we already knew. Well, not most of the truth.

MS Ep13-1
Chairman Wang reveals everything about Dean Hwang and that Sun-ah is not his real daughter, but of his best friend Chae Yoon. Wang continue to accuse him of killing his best friend for Chintamani key.
MS Ep13-3 MS Ep13-2
The kids are in disbelief and Dean only admits about Sun-ah being Chae Yoon’s daughter, Chae Young. However, he doesn’t say anything about killing Chae Yoon, and in his mind, he thinks he killed him.
MS Ep13-5 MS Ep13-4
The school is in chaos now as the parents drag their children to leave the school due to bloody match which they witnessed. The three kids are taking in the truth and Shi-woo believes that Dean Hwang thought not being able to protect his friend is no different than killing.
MS Ep13-8
They are especially worried about Sun-ah finding out the truth of not being Dean Hwang’s biological daughter. However, she eavesdrops and hears everything.
MS Ep13-7 MS Ep13-6
Everything happened must be Chairman Wang’s plan as Dean Hwang offers to leave in order not to close down the school. Hwang deduces that someone is after the key, possibly Juk Poong. Well, yeah. Bubgong is most likely one! He now gets to take over Hwang’s position in school.
MS Ep13-10 MS Ep13-9
Soon-duk eventually has to leave because of her fussing father despite wanting to stay for Sun-ah. Shi-woo tells her to follow her father and that he will be there for Sun-ah.
MS Ep13-11 MS Ep13-12
Chi-ang is forced to stay back in school by his father despite his mother’s objection. For the first time ever, Chairman Wang compliments his son. However, Chi-ang thinks about how his own father doesn’t ask if he’s okay or not, unlike the other fathers like Dean Hwang and Soon-duk’s father. Sad.
MS Ep13-13
Does Dean Hwang ever suspect that Teacher Bubgong might be Juk Poong? Ugh. He tells the old man to remember what the latter said to him back then, that the righteous will win in the end.
MS Ep13-15 MS Ep13-14
After learning that his father killed her biological father (no!), she tells Dean Hwang to never come back again as he leaves. Oh cries. She couldn’t believe everything at first, though, because Dean Hwang is everything to her. Sigh.
MS Ep13-16
Shi-woo is one of few who believe in Dean Hwang and is told the truth about the fire that day. Dean Hwang also tells him that he is leaving to protect Sun-ah. Aww. And, oh, finally! Shi-woo is told to take the photo to Sun-ah and recognises Chae Yoon in the photo.
MS Ep13-17 MS Ep13-18
Shi-woo tries to convince Sun-ah to trust her father and that he was feeling guilty, not being to save his friend. He also gives the photo and finally tells her that her biological dad is still alive. Woohoo, this is getting closer!
MS Ep13-19
Meanwhile, back at home, Soon-duk stays by her father’s side and Dad keeps sobbing in his sleep, feeling guilty for leaving young Shi-woo in the forest. Oh, I hope he would quickly tell Shi-woo about being the one who saved him from the fire.
MS Ep13-21 MS Ep13-20
Choi-ho returns to school and concludes with Shi-woo that he and Jung were played by them, Chairman Wang and his people. At least they know. Shi-woo reassures Choi-ho that stopping to stab Chi-ang is all what matters, and Dean Hwang will return. All they have to do is to protect the school.
MS Ep13-23 MS Ep13-22
The situation is worse than before as Soon-duk’s father tells her not to go back to the school ever again unless she wants him dead. Bang-duk later tells Soon-duk that Moorim School might have something to do with her father going blind.
MS Ep13-24 MS Ep13-25
Bubgong, now a dean, has the desire to change everything about the school. I am glad that at least Teacher Kim wants to bring the students back and goes to convince the parents.
MS Ep13-27 MS Ep13-26
Sun-ah, in her room, opens up a box of her soft toys which she got from Dean Hwang, telling her to store all her negative feelings in them. Aw, she has memory of it and being called “Young”. I guess it all makes sense now for her.
MS Ep13-37
Bubgong is high on nine clouds (yes, my blog! :P), having taken over the control and thinks that it isn’t hurry to have his hands on the Chintamani key, showing his true self. Meanwhile, Dean Hwang searches for the son of Chae Yoon and learns that Yoon is still probably alive.
MS Ep13-31 MS Ep13-30
Looks like Bubgong has something up his sleeves when he tells Jung that he can expel him. He also knows how unhappy he has been with the school and Jung asks what he wants from him. I wonder.
MS Ep13-32
Chi-ang is still thinking about his father’s words and finally come face-to-face with Shi-woo who asks what would he do if his father planned all this. It must be hurting for Chi-ang because his father is probably after Chintamani key. He tells Shi-woo that his father is a scary person, always finding a way to get what he wants. HE aslo tells Shi-woo to watch out.

Yas, scary… I can see how the writer manages to squeeze everything from 20 episodes to 16 episodes. It has become fast-paced and manages to jump from one to another stealthily. I do hope that Dean Hwang realise soon how evil Bubgong is. That almost everyone is after him and the key. Also, for him to meet Chae Yoon who is still clueless as ever. Poor him, always.

It’s understandable why Sun-ah hates Dean Hwang now after thinking that he killed her own biological father. However, that’s what she thinks. It’s not a fact that Yoon was killed by Dean Hwang, even if he were dead now. But Dean Hwang still lets her think that way to protect her. As always. He protects Yoon’s daughter from the Juk Poong who wants their hands on the key for their own personal uses. Unlike Dean Hwang. I bet he wants it in safe in case it falls into the wrong hands. Now, all it matters is for Dean Hwang to find alive Chae Yoon and the son.
MS Ep13-34


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