Moorim School – Episode 14 Review

So much changes and the kids have to deal with harsher rules and lessons. Dean Hwang is almost on his way to finding the son of Chae Yoon who is still innocent and clueless as ever.

MS Ep14-1
After everything, Dean Hwang finally put pieces together and probably thinks that Shi-woo is the child and that Chae Yoon is really alive.
MS Ep14-2 MS Ep14-3
Aw, the kids manage to return to school – some ran away, some lied and some managed to convince their parents – and I like how they are so happy to be together and missed one another.
MS Ep14-5 MS Ep14-4
Sun-ah has been in her room every day and Chi-ang visits to talk about his father. That Chairman Wang is his father no matter what and he apologises in his stead. Yup, Sun-ah should feel glad for her non-biological father’s affection.
MS Ep14-7 MS Ep14-8
As Bubgong wanted, the school is going through drastic changes as he brings in new professors. Oh gawd, it’s more like bringing in more Juk Poong. One of them, Professor Kim Sook-yi, even tries to find the key for the new dean. Alas, the current professors are given basic lessons. Glad that they are finally seeing Bubgong’s true self.
MS Ep14-11 MS Ep14-12
Soon-duk is still stuck at home with her father who is almost not moving an inch. Meanwhile, Chi-ang probably has decided to give up on pursuing Soon-duk, throwing the necklace away.
MS Ep14-14 MS Ep14-13
Shi-woo thinks about her as well, and meets Chi-ang on the way out. Chi-ang asks if he has any plans for Soon-duk as he planned to give everything to her. It seems like he is trying to provoke Shi-woo about Soon-duk not being in his world and all. That gets Shi-woo thinking and run out to meet Soon-duk.
MS Ep14-9 MS Ep14-10
They missed each other at Soon-duk’s work place, but eventually gets to meet. They go to a secluded place so that Shi-woo can avoid being recognised. They say they missed each other, kissing each other. And, oh! The necklace which Shi-woo gave her must be Chintamani key!
MS Ep14-15
After hearing what Chintamani can do, Chi-ang looks like he wants to get it as well as he trains harder than ever when Shi-woo comes in. When asked what he is going to do now, Chi-ang has no idea. All he can think is being able to get what he wants if he get hold of Chintamani.
MS Ep14-16
Damnnn, this new professor is changing the way martial arts is being taught. They will have to use real sword to practice, not even considering the safety. Shi-woo counters that they won’t hurt their friends, but Professor Sook-yi says that the concept of “friends” no longer exist, so do the toy swords.
MS Ep14-17 MS Ep14-18
Sun-ah is still not attending the classes and Bubgong visits her room. She knows that he is here for the key, so she ransacks her own room to prove that the key is not here. Bubgong wonders where it could be.
MS Ep14-19
Shi-woo comforts Sun-ah later and tells her not to lose hope. She wants to disappear elsewhere, but has nowhere to go. Shi-woo feels the same, but tells her to stay at the school, like how she asked him to come to Moorim School.
MS Ep14-20 MS Ep14-21
Bubgong suggests kicking out the students who can’t return back to school, including Soon-duk. Shi-woo hears about it and begs Teacher Kim to give her more time as he will try to convince her. He also tells him of being in the know about the Chintamani key and the fire incident. Professor Kim explains the key has been broke into three pieces – one with Sun-ah, another with the son (the necklace!) and nobody seems to know where the last piece is.
MS Ep14-22 MS Ep14-23
Dean Hwang continue to dig for more information about the son, and meets the man whom he knows have met with them. He also gets clear idea that if Chae Yoon is still alive, he would suspect him. Exactly what Bubgong wants. Dean Hwang also gets critical information that Soon-duk’s father is involved. Finally.
MS Ep14-24
As expected, thanks to Luna, Chae Yoon now suspects Dean Hwang of kidnapping his daughter and the key.
MS Ep14-25 MS Ep14-26
Later that night, Shi-woo and Chi-ang spar with each other with Shi-woo saying that he won’t avoid anymore. Final blows and they fall to the ground. Shi-woo: “I will protect it. I won’t let it be taken away.”
MS Ep14-27
Afterwards, when Shi-woo pretends to be asleep, Chi-ang leaves with a bag, probably for China to look for his father and also to find out what he wants to do. Looking at Chi-ang leaving, Shi-woo thinks to himself, “Come back, Wang Chi-ang. Please.”
MS Ep14-28
Soon-duk’s father is still stubborn as ever, not wanting to tell his daughter everything. Chi-ang visits Soon-duk at her home for the last time. He thinks that it’s his last chance to see her. Why does it feel like real farewell?
MS Ep14-30
Back at his dorm, Shi-woo recalls the memories with Chi-ang as if he had lost his only friend.
MS Ep14-31 MS Ep14-29
Same goes for Soon-duk where Chi-ang already left. She thinks about the hug he gave her earlier. Why does it feel sad?

Well, it feels sad because Chi-ang has decided to let go of Soon-duk, and maybe losing Soon-duk and Shi-woo as friends. The reason why he is being that way to Shi-woo is so that he can entrust Soon-duk to him. He decides to leave for a while to take care of his own feelings and also to find out what his father is really up to. That’s what I think it’s probably is. It’s no use going after the girl who likes someone else. Other than that, he has complicated relationship with his father so he thought he should take care of that. I wonder if he is going to become like his father, though. Wanting to get hold of the Chintamani key so that he could be the most powerful in the world.
MS Ep14-32

Believe me or not. With one more week left, I am actually quite excited for what would happen in the final episode. Will we get to see the reunion of Chae family? Sun-ah forgiving Dean Hwang? Chi-ang and Shi-woo becoming good friends again? And whose hands will the Chintamani fall into? However, I can’t have high expectations for this show’s ending. The story is good in their own way, in my opinion. I like the mystery vibes within the story and they are always keeping me curious as to when they will reveal this and that. This is why I am excited for everything to be revealed in the final two episodes. At least, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel from this show.
MS Ep14-34


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