Cheese in the Trap – Episode 16 (Final) Review

Finally Cheese is coming to an end after so many things happened to this show. Even within the show. Now, let’s see what is going to happen to Jung and Seol.

CITT Ep16-1
After the accident, Seol is rushed to hospital with worried Jung at her side, and in voiceover, we hear her voice wondering she took his at that time. She guesses that she was quite curious about Jung who had a completely different side to him.
CITT Ep16-2 CITT Ep16-3
In-ho hears from Jae-woo that his sister is at police station. Jung is so furious that he looks like he wanted to attack In-ha for hurting Seol. This is news to In-ho.
CITT Ep16-4
Which makes him feel responsible for his sister’s actions and he tries to apologise to Seol’s family. However, Seol’s parents aren’t pleased with his sister. They are not going to treat him differently, right?
CITT Ep16-5 CITT Ep16-6
Jung’s father puts In-ha in mental hospital against her own will and In-ho stays in hospital overnight to see her. It’s also news to him that Jung’s father was the one who put her in there, not Jung. In-ha pleads to her brother to take her out of there otherwise she’d go crazy for real.
CITT Ep16-7 CITT Ep16-8
Meanwhile, Jung’s father offers to pay and take care of everything regarding Seol’s medical bills. It turns out that Dad put In-ha in mental hospital so that they can win by pleading insanity. Jung doesn’t want that, caring more about Seol.
CITT Ep16-11 CITT Ep16-12
Later that night, Jung sits by sleeping Seol who wakes up and exchanges silent thoughts with him. It’s as if they could read each other’s minds. Jung wonders if he should let go of her, seeing how he treated others. Seol understands and tries to comfort her boyfriend.
CITT Ep16-10
The next day, when Seol wakes up again with her family around, Jung is gone. He is nowhere and can’t be reached by anyone at all.
CITT Ep16-13 CITT Ep16-14
In-ha continues throwing tantrums and not eating her meals and In-ho still stays there every day, aw. However, his sister still doesn’t want to see him when he tries to convince her to eat her meals, telling her that she is not alone and not to act like some who’s given up on life. “I need you, Noona,” he says. In-ha wipes at her tears.
CITT Ep16-16
Sweetie Jae-woo (because he is there for In-ha) visits Seol at the hospital, feeling apologetic but tries to get Seol to talk to Jung about In-ha who is about to go crazy.
CITT Ep16-20
At his home, Jung ignores his blasting-up phone and look at the ring on his finger, thinking back to Seol’s words to never take it off. But, he pulls it off. Noooo!
CITT Ep16-18 CITT Ep16-19
Seol gets discharged from hospital and In-ho visits her home. Aw, the parents know how much he had gone through. Seol decides to settle the agreement because she is tired and worn out, not because she forgave In-ha. Aw man, she says she won’t be able to keep her promise to see him compete.
CITT Ep16-21 CITT Ep16-22
Jung has gathered his thoughts and hands in his resignation, telling his father that he needs time to find out what kind of person he is. He has realised a lot of things – what he have done to those people.
CITT Ep16-23 CITT Ep16-24
Jung meets the Baek siblings for the last time, telling In-ha not to meet again. He meets In-ho who’s told good news that his sister will be discharged, on the way out. In-ho apologises for everything and Jung passes him autographed score sheets, leaving him stunned.
CITT Ep16-25 CITT Ep16-26
Back in contact, Jung meets with Seol who hopes to continue seeing each other like that. However, Jung doesn’t want Seol to be hurt again because of him. “Let’s break up,” he says. Ouchhh. Seol tries hard to hold back her tears, not accepting it. He says he wants to see her when he can love her properly as he can’t do that right now. Seol then sees that the ring is no longer on his finger.
CITT Ep16-27 CITT Ep16-28
Sometime later, Seol has been looking herself up in her room. In-ho drops by to give undergarments as presents to Seol’s parents who insist that he eats here. Aw.
CITT Ep16-31
Seol hears about In-ho’s visit and runs out to say a proper goodbye to whom already has packed his belongings. She wishes him luck in his competition and says that she doesn’t want to regret anything so he should do that too. In-ho smiles, telling her that she has matured and thanking for showing her smiling face.
CITT Ep16-33 CITT Ep16-32
In-ho’s debt has been paid off, to his surprise. Nevertheless, he performs well at his competition. Thank goodness, because I was afraid that his hand might act up. Among the audience are In-ho who tears up, and both of his former and current professors.
CITT Ep16-34 CITT Ep16-35
In-ha will have to do community service, to Seol’s family’s disappointment. Seol then gets texts from In-ha who apologises and let her know of Jung’s flight today. Jung waits at the gate, thinking back to their happier times and Seol doesn’t come. At home, her tears fall.
CITT Ep16-36
Three years later. Seol got hired at the company but it’s no difference from the school and there are people smiliar to Oh Young-gon, Min-soo and Sang-chul.
CITT Ep16-38 CITT Ep16-37
Aw, Jae-woo is still seeing In-ha who is still the same. Cute couple. And, oh, he works in the same company as Seol and runs into her, saying that In-ho got into music school. Later, we see In-ho play piano at the restaurant. The Baek siblings are happily living their life for now.
CITT Ep16-39.JPG
Let’s not forgot one more couple – Bo-ra and Eun-taek. They are still adorably together and Bo-ra is still the same, hah. She offers to introduce a guy to Seol who rejects the blind date flatly.
CITT Ep16-40
However, when she leaves, she thinks that her desire to get to know that person better is decreasing while she is left growing more and more bitter. As she walks, she passes Jung in opposite direction. She turns to look but loses him in sight.
CITT Ep16-41
Her emails to Jung remain unread and she says to herself that he may need the same amount of time she needed to get to know and accept him. Her mother calls her to dinner. As she leaves, we see that the emails to Jung are now read. “Seol-ah!” Jung’s voice calls out.
CITT Ep16-42
And, we are given flashback of Seol racing to meet Jung who greets her with an outstretched hand. She beams and puts her hand in his.

Well, that’s the end. I was disappointed with the ending at first, but on second thought, it was actually alright. It’s an open-ended ending, and it’s actually alright because the webtoon is still ongoing. There is no ending yet, from what I know. So, the drama decides to let us imagine what would happen afterwards or make us read the webtoon throughout to the end.

I can see that the drama version is quite different from the webtooon version and that’s probably why some viewers are not pleased with the show. Especially Jung’s character. Even myself as the reader, I can see how very different they are. Not only Jung’s character, but as well as others. They only managed to bring Seol’s character to life. Also, there’re so many things left unanswered, especially how they didn’t wrap other characters up properly. Like I am mostly curious about Seol’s brother – what is doing three years later? Has he found what he wants to do? Is he together with Ah-young?
CITT Ep16-43

Jung’s character is what highlights the show, of course. It took a long time for him to figure out what he had done to others, leaving them with a scar. Initially, he had always make us wonder what his motives for doing what he did were. As the show progressed, we learnt that he has been that way to prove that he is not strange or odd to his father and others. He also kinda think that they deserve something worse than what they did. I like how Park Hae-jin portray his character, having such different sides to him and putting on tough surface. Even though there had been controversies and changes around Cheese and especially Park Hae-jin, he still did his job to the end. Also, it’s a pity that we won’t get to see how Jung has become three years later.
CITT Ep16-44

As I hope for Park Hae-jin to get a better project in future, I also hope the same for both Seo Kang Joon and Kim Go Eun whose Cheese is her first drama. Now, I wish they didn’t develop Cheese webtoon into a drama version. It would have been better off with just webtoon where the original writer is. It may be popular as webtoon, but the drama may have ruined the viewers’ perceptions. Great casts and strong start, but the last few episodes weren’t so. Nevertheless, there are still viewers supporting the show. Or more like they were curious as to how the show would end as the viewership ratings for the last episode is 6.9%. Well, so goodbye, Cheese in the Trap and I will probably continue my journey on webtoon, hoping to clear my mind of how the drama version turned out. It would have been and continue being better, but no.
CITT Ep16-45


2 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap – Episode 16 (Final) Review

  1. Love how you ended the post with Inho’s face because I’m biased like that. Haha! I agree with most of what you said tho. And the drama made me want to read the webtoon too. I’m a bit torn because I loved the drama, flaws and all, and I’m afraid I might hate it if I read the webtoon xD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree the same !!!!!!!! I want to see how they are together in the end not apart from each other !!!!!!! now by seeing ending i am just crying why our poor seol had to suffer in her life all the time even all the character are now settled with thier life but why !!!!! seol and jung has to suffer !!!!! 😦 and i also want more episodes to see how they met after breaking up…… 😦 and jung finds out what he want or not !!!!!! i am crying by seeing them apart my heart is torn apart….. ahh!! ::::-(


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