Moorim School – Episode 15 Review

Finally, finally! This episode is what I have been looking forward to! Dean Hwang is still not returning back to school yet and Chae Yoon makes sure not to let the history repeat itself.

MS Ep15-1
Chae Yoon finally visits Moorim School for the first time in a long time and wants to see his daughter. However, Shi-woo stops him, knowing that Sun-ah is not ready yet.
MS Ep15-2 MS Ep15-3
Yoon understands, and Shi-woo lets him know about Chairman Wang possibly being Juk Poong and that the people around him are working for him. He also shares his opinion believing in Dean Hwang’s fire incident story. Yay, no more seeing fooled Yoon.
MS Ep15-4 MS Ep15-5
To confirm his theory, Dean Hwang meets with Soon-duk’s father who has been expecting him. Finally, Dad confirms that the boy he saved from the fire is indeed Yoon Shi-won, to Dean Hwang’s shock.
MS Ep15-7 MS Ep15-6
The students continue having lessons under Professor Sook-yi where they use real swords. Shi-woo can’t stand by and watch, so he gets up and easily overpowering his opponent even without weapon. He confronts the professor of her rotten thoughts. He does want to attack her, but that’s the feeling he is scared of. Closing it off, he says not to hurt his friends. Sun-ah watches from the distance.
MS Ep15-8
In China, Chi-ang meets with his father to find out everything. Eventually, Chairman Wang shows a piece of the key and speaks of his true intentions – he sent his son to school because of Chintamani and believes that he would help. Well, we will see how.
MS Ep15-10 MS Ep15-9
Secretly, Dean Hwang informs old chairman of his discovery – Yoon’s son is Shi-woo. He requests to meet with Yoon and the old man says he will have to do so without letting Chairman Wang know.
MS Ep15-11
Knowing that Shi-woo is dear to his daughter’s heart, he finally tells her everything – the reason why he had been so afraid of Moorim School and the reason is Shi-woo. Tears spill from Soon-duk’s eyes as she is in disbelief, but it’s the truth.
MS Ep15-12
Now, she blames herself for making Shi-woo live that way, because her father had to take her away from the people who made his eyes that way.
MS Ep15-14 MS Ep15-13
Now now, Sun-ah and Shi-woo finally find out that they are siblings through Soon-duk’s letter where she explains and apologises that it all happened because of her father. Oh no, it’s not your family’s fault.
MS Ep15-38 MS Ep15-39
Still reeling in from the truth, the siblings finally get sense that they have similar childhood memory as well as their mother’s lullaby. It’s now Shi-woo who is still taking everything in as he can’t really figure things out. His older sister tells him to take it slowly.
MS Ep15-18 MS Ep15-17
Back in Korea, Chi-ang is having hard time as to whether to help his father out, venting his frustration on himself. Meanwhile, Shi-woo finally realises that his necklace is another piece of the key. However, it’s with Soon-duk now. When he arrives at her home, he is too late.
MS Ep15-21 MS Ep15-23
I knew that something is up when the man escort Dean Hwang to meet Yoon. In a remote place, more men gather around him. It turns out that the old man is actually Juk Poong and Chairman Wang has been working for him. They plan to kill Dean Hwang off. Damn, no.
MS Ep15-20
Chae Yoon seems to have known that the old man is Juk Poong since he remembers him being there at the fire. Has he been pretending? He also knows that it’s a trap when the old man asked to meet secretly as such thing happened 18 years ago. He fell into his trap and the fire incident happened. He tails Luna, probably to where Dean Hwang is being attacked. Yeah!
MS Ep15-25 MS Ep15-24
Dean Hwang is outnumbered but, thank goodness, Yoon literally flies in to kick baddies’ asses. Luna is about to stab Yoon but Dean Hwang jumps in front of him and gets stabbed instead. Yoon then takes her knife to stab her back. Nice move.
MS Ep15-26
Never thought I would feel so happy for them to meet again. Yoon tells his friend to pull it together. Dean Hwang gasps as he tells him about Young and Joon being alive. That Shi-woo who is going to their school is Joon, his son. At school, Sun-ah sees the shield on the sign floor board which is protecting the key. Why now? Sun-ah wonders if something happened to Dad.
MS Ep15-27 MS Ep15-28
Every evil guys now knows that Shi-woo is Yoon’s son and the greed has taken over Bubgong as he ransacks Shi-woo’s room, showing his truest self. Sun-ah argues as she can’t hold back any longer. They won’t watch him destroy the school.
MS Ep15-29 MS Ep15-30
Out of blue, Choi-ho announces that Dean Hwang came back to school, to Bubgong’s disbelief. Yay! He is still injured, supporting by Chae Yoon. And, I can’t believe that Professor Sook-yi signals her man to attack Dean Hwang in front of whole school. Thank goodness, a force stops it and throws the attacker back. It’s Yoon’s power. Hah, yeahh!!
MS Ep15-31 MS Ep15-32
Returning from the airport from seeing his mother off, Chi-ang drives to Soon-duk’s home, also knowing of the relation between Sun-ah and Shi-woo. He also figures out that the necklace on Soon-duk is the key. She is not around. Instead, he runs into Shi-woo there.
MS Ep15-33
They are at it again. Chi-ang blames Shi-woo for putting Soon-duk in danger and making her leave. Shi-woo won’t stay still if anything happen to her, he tells him, regardless whether he is a friend or not. “You are not a friend to me anymore,” Chi-ang throws back.

This is actually getting excited. It’s all up to Chi-ang whether he will want to help his father get all three keys to Chintamani. And it means putting everyone else in danger because Chintamani is actually a dangerous thing in wrong hands. It looks like he will have to do it because he wants his mother to be happy in China with his father. All he wants is his mother to be happy and that’s the deal in exchange of getting Chintamani keys from Sun-ah and Shi-woo. Is he going to do it?
MS Ep15-34

Actually, I feel that Soon-duk shouldn’t leave just because of how Shi-woo lived due to her father’s actions. She should have faced it. But, I am glad that she is the one who lets Sun-ah and Shi-woo know that they are siblings. I have been waiting for THIS. I am also glad to see that the gaze in Yoon’s eyes has changed after the incident. I now see where Shi-woo gets his attitude from. Shi-woo really does resemble his biological father like Dean Hwang said. It’s no wonder how Shi-woo has the ability to protect and lead his friends at school.
MS Ep15-36

Dean Hwang and Chae Yoon are probably the only good guys in Moorim world and this is why I am excited about. I can’t wait to see how they will take down all Juk Poongs (well, I think the old man is Juk Poong as in his code name or something), so, Juk Poong and the people following him. Same goes for the kids especially Sun-ah and Shi-woo, I am curious as to what kind of roles they would play in the final alongside the adults.
MS Ep15-37


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