Moorim School – Episode 16 (Final) Review

Everything settled nicely and we are finally at the end of Moorim School. I am glad, because it means the suffering has ended for both casts and their roles. Now, exactly what is Chintamani?

MS Ep16-2
With the return of Chae Yoon, Dean Hwang is safe from the dangers Bubgong and his evil people pose. Yoon exclaims to Bubgong and that no one can possess the Chinatamani. It is to be protected by a strong person to prevent the chaos from unfolding in this world.
MS Ep16-5 MS Ep16-6
Shi-woo and Chi-ang are not able to find Soon-duk who has the piece of Chintamani key, in her hometown. Well, it’s more like Chi-ang does nothing and orders his men to find her.
MS Ep16-4 MS Ep16-3
Later that night, Yoon retrieves the key from its shield under the floorboard. He tells Sun-ah how ironic that he started this all to protect the world and yet couldn’t protect his family. Chintamani was not important to him and all he wanted is to find her and her brother, he tells Sun-ah.
MS Ep16-7
Despite everything happened, Sun-ah tells Yoon that she wants to help them protect the school. She doesn’t want to be apart from her biological father.
MS Ep16-9 MS Ep16-8
Almost everyone knows that Soon-duk has the key but she doesn’t know. She is puzzled and surprised when Chi-ang comes to take her away after finding her through his men. Shi-woo sees it all.
MS Ep16-12 MS Ep16-11
Surprised that the necklace she is wearing now is the piece of key, Soon-duk finds unbelievable that Chi-ang has changed, standing on his father’s side to take the key. Yeah, me too. He even asks to start all over again. Lol, no.
MS Ep16-13 MS Ep16-14
Shi-woo arrives and readily gives up the key as he only wants Soon-duk to be safe and sound. Also, he hoped that Chi-ang didn’t change because both of them are more important to him than the key. Chi-ang asks to prove it by giving the key which Shi-woo’s mother died protecting it.
MS Ep16-17
Now, it’s all up to Chi-ang on what to do with the key as he has two pieces.
MS Ep16-19 MS Ep16-18
After managing to convince Soon-duk that it’s not her family’s fault that Shi-woo is living this way, they return to school, to everyone’s delight. In fact, her father had saved his life.
MS Ep16-21 MS Ep16-20
They may have met each other before, but not before knowing that they are father and son. Such an emotional reunion. But it kinda weirds me out when Shi-woo said, “I missed you so much, Father,” as he didn’t know who his father is. Well, he grew up without parents, so it’s understandable.
MS Ep16-23 MS Ep16-22
Sun-ah and Shi-woo find it strange that they are actually sister and brother, heh. They decided to make up for lost times. Shi-woo also plans to meet with Chi-ang to give him the last piece of the key from their father.
MS Ep16-24 MS Ep16-25
The next morning at Moorim Peak, after meeting Shi-woo halfway, Chi-ang expected his father’s arrival and shows the whole key is in hand, to Chairman Wang’s delight. However, Chi-ang puts his hand near the cliff, edging his father.
MS Ep16-27
Flashbacks shows the earlier conversation that Shi-woo is still not giving up on his friend and suggests destroying the key together.
MS Ep16-28
Chi-ang knows that his father wouldn’t stop at getting what he wants and would probably save the key rather than him. So, he asks Dad to choose between them.
MS Ep16-29
Dad regrets giving his son the key but Chi-ang counters that the biggest mistake is sending to that school. He got to learn what friends meant there. He found things he wanted to protect and wants to find out who he truly is, seeing how Shi-woo is being himself when he is with Soon-duk.
MS Ep16-31 MS Ep16-30
Another flashback continues the meet between the boys, about how Chi-ang finally realises that he is not right guy for Soon-duk and warns Shi-woo not to make her cry.
MS Ep16-32
Still standing on the cliff, Chi-ang tells Dad that he missed his love and that he and his mother have been lonely. For the last time if it’s him or the key. Thinking that Dad still can’t give up the key, he apologises jumps off the cliff.
MS Ep16-33 MS Ep16-34
Surprisingly, Dad jumps off to save his son rather than the key. At the bottom of the cliff, Shi-woo has been waiting and uses his energy power to save the two. Shi-woo smiles with his eyes and the screen goes white.
MS Ep16-35 MS Ep16-36
Seven years later. (Why always fast-forward?!) Sun-ah has become a new dean, with new students all over the place. Soon-duk has become a professor and Shi-woo returned to music, but is still staying at Moorim School because of his wife-to-be.
MS Ep16-39 MS Ep16-38
Chi-ang is the CEO of his father’s company now, with Choi-ho as his secretary, hah. As done yearly, Chi-ang’s company has been making donations to the school. Hah, he complains how Shi-woo has been emailing him dozen times every day.
MS Ep16-40
Ooh, Sun-ah and Chi-ang are actually dating behind their parents’ backs as they are not ready to let them know yet. Chairman Wang was in shock at first and now has completely moved on. Yay, glad to hear that. Chi-ang then reveals that he and Shi-woo went to see the Chintamani that day. Sun-ah is now curious about it more than ever.
MS Ep16-44 MS Ep16-43
Shi-woo narrates that the power he generated had saved Chi-ang and his father. Before destroying the key, the boys went to see the Chintamani and it turns out that the stone itself has the power within itself and is shiny enough to be a mirror that they see themselves in the reflection of it. LOL.
MS Ep16-45 MS Ep16-46
Aw, Professor Kim and Professor Yoo-di have a kid now. The rest of the past students have gotten good jobs for themselves and I wish for myself in that aspect, haha.
MS Ep16-48 MS Ep16-47
It seems that Chi-ang and Shi-woo have been meeting up often for drinks. Shi-woo now uses Chi-ang’s words from seven years ago not to make his sister, Sun-ah, cry. Aw, Shi-woo made a song about both of them, though he denies it. Heh. They reminisce the first time they came to school, realising how far they have come, and decide to spar to test each other’s abilities.
MS Ep16-49

“I’m glad that we were able to grow together here. We’ll encounter numerous adventures in life. But we’ll be able to get through just fine. The power to get through real danger is within yourself. We know that we will find that power the moment it’s needed. And we know that you will be with us at that moment. I want to thank my friend who went through it with me.”

Finally, it’s the end. Everyone, including the production team, has suffered a lot. They went through the low viewership ratings every week. Personally, I really do like the story and its plot. Though the acting aspect could have been better. But it’s still a nice ending with the cuteness between the couples. It’s definitely a one-time watch because the last two episodes will definitely satisfy you after watching first 14 episodes with curiosity.
MS Ep16-50

I like how the voiceover in the ending tells us the importance of believing in ourselves. One should think that the world isn’t ending at all if things aren’t going well. We will get through it. We have power in ourselves to get through hardships and dangers. It doesn’t surface till we need it one day. Nevertheless, we will get through everything and will get rewarded for hanging in there. I am sure we all can relate to this, be it at school or work.
MS Ep16-53

It can also be applicable to friendship, the importance of it. The friendship between the boys has shown us how trust nurtured it. They have through a lot together. Both of them found real friend in each other as they had no one else in the past. Since they are each other’s first caring friend, Shi-woo still believes in Chi-ang who may have changed due to his father no matter what. Thankfully, it’s Shi-woo’s trust in Chi-ang what makes Chi-ang steer away from the wrong path he almost walked on. He realises the importance of friends through Moorim School and Shi-woo. Through them, he realises the importance of stopping his father’s greediness so that they all can live happily with love which he always wanted.
MS Ep16-51

So far, despite that there’re a lot of flaws, Moorim School has a pretty decent plot story with its mystery vibes. It’s understandable how it’s not doing that well both in Korea (because ahjummas) and internationally (accordingly to what I see on forums) because of how the viewers are not into high-school dramas these days. It’s okay, it got a decent viewership rating of 3.7% for its last episode, which shows that some Koreans were curious as what Chintamani is and such. Curiosity is what makes the viewers return to Moorim School!
MS Ep16-37


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