One More Happy Ending – Overall Review

Year: 2016
Korean Channel: MBC
Episodes: 16

OMHE Ep16-1
It has been a cute show. I was drawn to this show because of its light sense and humour. Especially Jung Kyung Ho’s role, Song Soo-hyuk. That’s before he fallen deeply for Han Mi-mo (played by Jang Na Ra).
OMHE Ep16-2 OMHE Ep16-3
I could feel that Soo-hyuk has changed a lot after Mi-mo accepted his love. Love changes one, huh? He went from giving us laughs to goosebumps. I admit! Yas, I admit! I still carry on watching this show because of the casts. I managed to bear the cheesiness from Soo-hyuk as well as other guys.
OMHE Ep16-7 OMHE Ep16-6
Like this man, Kim Gun-hak (played by roach Kim Tae Hoon). If I were to look on better side, he had become a better husband to his wife, Baek Da-jung (played by Yoo Da In). I like how both of them have become better parents to their child through the program. Those couples who are on the verge of parting should totally learn from them, because a couple goes through everything together no matter what. Their story is truly what “One More Happy Ending” literally means.
OMHE Ep16-9
Oh, this couple. I was suspicious of Bang Dong-bae (played by Park Eun Suk) all the way like his wife, Hong Ae-ran (played by Seo In Young) as he has become nicer and sweeter husband. Like, why suddenly when he was being such a jerk somewhere in the beginning? Well, at least all is well for this couple.
OMHE Ep16-14 OMHE Ep16-13
The baby couple, I call them. The age gap is quite wide and it’s cute how Ahn Jung-woo (played by Ahn Hyo Sup) still loves Go Dong-mi (played by Yoo In Na), but I was quite suspicious of him too. I thought he was after her money. Number doesn’t matter in love for this couple.
OMHE Ep16-8
I had expected these two to get back together, so I was kinda surprised that they remain good friends with Woo Yeon-soo (played by Hwang Sun Hee) finding other guy to date. As for Goo Hae-joon (played by Kwon Yul), to be honest, I don’t get his role. As well as his appeal. All I see is that the two besties, Hae-joon and Soo-hyuk, fell for the same girl. At least, Hae-joon let the girl go, knowing that the girl has fallen for his good friend instead, and still remain good friends with Soo-hyuk.

OMHE Ep16-10
Nevertheless, One More Happy Ending ended alright-ly. At least everyone has their happy ending once again, especially Mi-mo with Soo-hyuk and Da-jung having reminder marriage with Gun-hak. And I like how it ended the way it started, reminding us why we watched this show in the first place. Also, the female lead propose instead of the male lead which is unusual and this is what I liked about – courageous and daring. Abso-f*cking-lutely.
OMHE Ep16-15


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