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Episodes aired: 8 of 16 episodes (as of 17th March)

I really do love this afterlife comedy show! Come Back, Ahjusshi never fails to deliver the funny and light elements it promised after teasing us. In my opinion, this show has its own unique and refreshing plot for its afterlife and comedy genres.

CBA Ep1-1
How do I explain this? We just simply love this duo. They became good friends after dying on the same day and met in afterlife. Kim Young-soo (played by Kim In Kwon) died after trying to fix his company’s flag to which everyone thought is a suicide. Meanwhile, Han Gi-tak (played by Kim Soo Ro) died in car accident after trying to chase after the paparazzi who took photos of him hugging his first love, Song Yi-yeon (played by Honey Lee).
CBA Ep2-2 CBA Ep7-11
After running away and jumping off the train to heaven, to Maya’s (played by Ra Mi Ran) frustration, Young-soo returns to the land of living in a hot body playing by Jung Ji Hoon (Rain). Surprise, new Young-soo actually looks like someone named Lee Hae-joon, the son of the chairman of the company he worked at. Young-soo returns because of his wife, Shin Da-hye (played by Lee Min Jung), and family.
CBA Ep8-6 CBA Ep8-1
Gi-tak, sadly, gets a female body which is played by Oh Yeon Seo and I love her/him. I love her/his chemistry with both Yi-yeon and Choi Seung-jae (played by Lee Tae Hwan). I simply love this character, Han Hong-nan (which the name Gi-tak created for “herself”, pretending to be the sister of Gi-tak). Oh Yeon Seo really knows how to portray Kim Soo Ro’s portraying Gi-tak’s personality in herself as if we could see Kim Soo Ro in her.
CBA Ep8-7
The ever busy Choi Won Young plays hot-tempered Cha Jae-guk, the ex-husband of Yi-yeon. I do hope that woman Gi-tak will kick his ass one day together with Yi-yeon because they make such a perfect crime team, along with his boys.

CBA Ep4-2
Why you should watch Come Back, Ahjusshi
– Quirky humour
– Full of hijinks
– The awesomeness of woman Gi-tak as Hong-nan
– Not only that, Hong-nan’s feelings for Yi-yeon as woman-outside-man-inside
– Now hot Young-soo as fake Hae-joon (hah)
– Just watch it
– Gi-tak’s (Hong-nan’s), more like Oh Yeon Seo’s, chemistry with almost everyone
– Maya and her two troublemakers!

Yeah, never forget Maya who has to work all day to stop the two ahjusshi troublemakers from taking revenge or revealing their identities otherwise the worst thing would happen. Even worse than hell, Maya said. Poor her. Oh, remember when she said that it’s computer’s fault for not recognising that there is someone else who looks like Young-soo’s afterlife body? Hah.
CBA Ep8-8

I love it when their personas do something hilarious, they would show us their real selves, visualising how it would have been if they were in their real bodies, heh. Or whenever. But still. Besides that, the friendship between Gi-tak and Young-soo is a like friendship goal we would like to have with our friend, y’know!
CBA Ep6-1 CBA Ep6-2

Even though it’s not doing that well in Korea (thanks to *coughs* Descendants of the Sun *coughs*), I bet that the international viewers love it like I do. Come Back, Ahjusshi continues to deliver the afterlife body-swap humour since the first episode, entertaining us throughout every episode. Ahjusshis for the win!
CBA Ep7-3


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