Page Turner (Drama Special) – Overall Review

Year: 2016
Korean Channel: KBS
Episodes: 3

Overall thoughts
PT Ep2-1
Oh, I love this show. Its title says it all – a page turner is generally a book you can’t put down. Yes, Page Turner is something you can’t stop watching, even though it’s only a short show with 3 episodes.
PT Ep2-3 PT Ep2-2
It feels like a crossover between two “(kinda) failed” high school dramas Who Are You: School 2015 and Sassy, Go Go where the female lead from former chose a wrong guy (well…) and the guys from latter couldn’t get the girl, come together. 😛 Simply, I love this casting.
PT Ep1-5
Kim So Hyun, as expected, was able to deliver her performance as a sassy blind pianist, Yoon Yoo-seul. Yoo-seul remained as a bright girl even after an accident, but doesn’t want her mother to pressure her by having high expectations all the time. All she wanted is to do what makes her happy after discovering her likes without having to meet her mother’s expectations. Toward the end, her mother starts to develop understanding of her daughter by supporting her without her knowing. I wish Yoo-seul would know this.
PT Ep2-4
Oh, Ji Soo’s bubbly character as Jung Cha-sik who later learns how to play piano. From what we learn about his character, Cha-sik needed someone to push forward such as when mastering faster beat and become a better pianist. It’s sad how he was deceived by his own mother who wanted to comfort him and that it’s the only thing that kept him going. The relationship between the mother and son is adorable, though.
PT Ep1-6
It’s great to see Shin Jae-ha taking on more projects because he deserves it! I think I have seen him in most dramas by now (Pinocchio, I Remember You, Sassy, Go Go and Remember–Son’s War). In his latest project, Page Turner, he played Yoo-seul’s rival, Seo Jin-mok.
PT Ep3-3 PT Ep3-2
I love how he played anonymously with Yoo-seul who even praised him without knowing who he is. It’s what saved him and made him choose what he loves – playing piano. They had always been rivals and Yoo-seul often crushed him, so it’s real touching when Yoo-seul praised Jin-mok’s skills for the first time. It’s as if he had always wanted to be acknowledged by her in order to keep moving forward and do what he is happy with. It’s all thanks to Cha-sik who made Jin-mok realise that he had the skills. I really do wonder what would happen if Yoo-seul finds out that Jin-mok was the one who played with her at competition, not Cha-sik. But, hey, let’s leave it up to our imagination.
PT Ep3-10
She definitely would be raging, seeing how she always stepped on Jin-mok. Anyway, I like how they don’t make miracles in this show – Yoo-seul still remains blind instead of being cured miraculously and Cha-sik backing out of competition instead of being able to play faster beat. I get that Cha-sik was able to play piano in such short time and that Yoo-seul was able to play piano without practise blindly are what didn’t make sense. They are the flaws of the show, but still.

It’s nice to see how three of them healed one another in a way or another through piano and music. The romance part may have lacked, but this isn’t a rom-com, though it does show the guys’ interests in Yoo-seul. Cha-sik being inspired by her strong front and amazing skills, and helping her almost all the time which leads to Yoo-seul leaning to depend on him. Besides Cha-sik helping her out, Jin-mok does the same job except that he goes incognito, not wanting to upset her again.
PT Ep3-11 PT Ep3-12

The writer didn’t tend to make Yoo-seul a pianist prodigy, but rather wanted to tell the disabled people that they can play musical instruments through Yoo-seul. I believe it’s all about practices, muscle memory and feel. (Before you want to correct or argue with me on this, this is my own view and I’d understand if you have different views as I have read different views somewhere. Besides that, I don’t play musical instruments. So, yup. :D)

All in all, I enjoyed the ride and loved everything despite the flaws. What a beautiful show, Page Turner. What’s more, I love (another) message it gives us – we should never give up on our dreams. We have our family and friends to spur us on during hard times. Remember, perseverance leads to an (great) achievement!
PT Ep3-4 PT Ep3-5 PT Ep3-7


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