Come Back, Ahjusshi – Overall Review

Year: 2016
Korean Channel: SBS
Episodes: 16

Overall thoughts
CBA Ep16-13
Love this, love this! It’s sad how it had low ratings in Korea, with everyone swooning over the other show airing in the same time slot. It deserves way more than it got. The plot and the characters had us squealing, laughing and crying at the same time because we know what would happen in the end.
CBA Ep16-15
This show is definitely clever, giving us not one but few plot twists! Especially that all of them are secret births. It turns out that (spoiler!) Shin Da-hye (played by Lee Min Jung) is the real sister of Han Gi-tak and that Gi-tak didn’t make up the name Han Hong-nan which is actually Da-hye’s birth name. Yes, I am trying not to feel all over again typing this. This is pretty sad because Da-hye has lost both of loved ones – her husband and long-lost brother.
CBA Ep16-8 CBA Ep16-2
They have given us so much feel especially the last episode. I am still not over how everyone except Young-soo (played by Kim In Kwon and persona Lee Hae-joon played by Jung Ji Hoon, aka Rain) has to have their memories of Han Gi-tak (played by Kim Soo Ro) as well as his other persona “sister” Han Hong-nan (played by Oh Yeon Seo) erased due to exposure of Gi-tak’s real identity.
CBA Ep10-2
And there is one more else – the handsome Choi Seung-jae (played by Lee Tae Hwan) is actually (spoiler again!) the son of our angel Maya (played by Ra Mi Ran). The feeeeels! It’s because of how Maya swooned over Seung-jae, not knowing that he is her son.
CBA Ep14-7
This duo, though. Well, I don’t know how to express my thoughts in words except that Come Back, Ahjusshi knows where it is going and always making me look forward to new episodes each week. This is way better than the plotless *coughs* DotS *coughs*.
CBA Ep16-11 CBA Ep16-12
We mustn’t forgot our favourite pairing(s) – Hong-nan (Gi-tak in woman’s body) and Song Yi-yeon (played by Honey Lee), with Gi-tak questioning his/her own sexuality. And there is Yi-yeon who looked almost attracted to this woman persona without knowing it’s Gi-tak. Gaaaaaaaayyyyy~
CBA Ep16-5
I am glad that they didn’t decide to erase memories of Young-soo even when Da-hye thinks of the possibility of not-real Hae-joon being her husband inside. Otherwise I’d rage and fight because forgetting Gi-tak is already enough.
CBA Ep16-6 CBA Ep16-7
Now, let’s bring ourselves to this end where real Hae-joon meets another persona of Gi-tak’s alter living being whose identity we are curious of. To be honest, I wish we would get another story of these two. I thought Maya had said the computer looked for the one doesn’t exist on planet which is why Gi-tak’s woman body was created. However, there, that woman actually exists and meets real Hae-joon as if fated.

Each character has their own unique personality and kudos to Rain and Oh Yeon Seo for portraying Kim In Kwon in Young-soo as Hae-joon and Kim Soo Ro in Hong-nan so well respectively. Yes, I meant as in I could see Kim In Kwon in Rain and Kim Soo Ro in Oh Yeon Seo, making the show lovable and lively.
CBA Ep16-3 CBA Ep16-10

I get that it can be quite confusing with the names reading my post. xD If you have watched it, well done! You would probably know how I felt watching Come Back, Ahjusshi. Afterlife-comedy and ghost-possession (not exactly the case in this show) are one of my favourite genres and I love how CBA never fails to disappoint me throughout. Cheers!
CBA Ep14-11


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