Pied Piper – Overall Review

Year: 2016
Korean Channel: tvN
Episodes: 16

Overall thoughts
PP Ep8-1
Spoilers ahead!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Coming from the production team of Liar Game, Pied Piper didn’t fail to impress me with its mind game (well, kinda) and clever writing.
PP Ep2-1 PP Ep7-1
(I had to. Those screen captures.) Look, who do we have here? Shin Ha Kyun as Joo Sung-chan, the one who always looked so flimsy with flabby arms. Really, he often gets thrown around or flipped over by someone, especially strong-willed Yeo Myung-ha (played by Jo Yoon Hee). But, hey, at least he has a good brain, knowing how to negotiate with criminals, if not through violent means.
PP Ep14-1
I had suspected that he might be real Pied Piper but the show kept giving us red herrings that the other guy might be the antagonist. My instinct was right. Yoon Hee-sung (played by Yoo Jun Sang) is another clever one besides Sung-chan. He knows how to make people including the police, believe that he is just an innocent anchor man. Wow, he totally have planned everything out carefully and almost perfectly.
PP Ep16-7
Oh, I like this woman. Especially her chemistry with Sung-chan, heh. Myung-ha is one soft-hearted but with strong will. It’s so sad that her uncle, former Team Leader Oh (played by Sung Dong Il) left. I was upset that it’s only his cameo appearance in this show.
PP Ep16-6
I was even more upset that they had to kill another team leader, Team Leader Gong (played by Yoo Seung Mok)! At least, they didn’t kill the last one in final episode. Yes, it’s a familiar face from Liar Game, Jo Jae Yoon playing SWAT team leader Han Ji-hoon.

I haven’t written a review for so long (well, it has been quite long to me xD) so pardon me if I am not writing right. 😛 Besides, Pied Piper is just too good I can’t even express due to my vocabulary and expression limit. Or, you can say I am pretty lazy, oops. I loved how they used the story of Pied Piper (the old one) as metaphor for this show. I didn’t know the story till I watched this and decided to read up bit on it. Now, I understand the meaning of Pied Piper and behind the reason why Hee-sung is one as he wants the justice for something happened 13 years ago.
PP Ep16-2 PP Ep16-3

Despite the plagiarism controversy, affecting its viewership ratings in Korea towards the end of the show (ugh, is it because it’s too good?), it’s still good! I wasn’t so over it because of the end. Not gonna say what happened. This is what happened when you have another show from Liar Game team production. I hate how good and clever they are. Speaking of, I am still waiting for season two of Liar Game. Patiently. Let’s hug together and pray for the news of filming soon, LG and PP fans.
PP Ep14-2


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