Goodbye, Mr. Black – Overall Review

Year: 2016
Korean Channel: MBC
Episodes: 20

Betrayals – Betray, Betraying and Betrayed
GBMB Ep1-15
I just remembered why I picked up this show – the casts. Especially the charismatic and hot Lee Jin Wook and Kim Kang Woo. (I got to admit it, heh, and don’t you guys too?) This show is basically a revenge show with one of the best friends betraying another. More like former best friends.
GBMB Ep1-16
I gotta give Kim Kang Woo, whose character I loved in Missing Noir M, credit for his acting which sent the chill down our spine. He showed us two-faced Min Seon-jae. It’s tragic how his own wrong action changed his whole life. He couldn’t return back anymore and I could see the desperation look on his face when he didn’t want to be caught for what he had done.
GBMB Ep1-13 GBMB Ep1-14
Sorry, am not sorry for the first left picture. It was kind of sad to watch how best friends have turned into enemies and Lee Jin Wook’s character, Cha Ji-won, kept getting hurt emotionally and physically by back-stabber Seon-jae. That’s what make him become Mr. Black, because “black totally fits him!”.

Overall thoughts
GBMB Ep20-14
Never forget that there is always female lead to help the male lead out and that’s Kim Swan (played by Moon Chae Won) whose real name is Baek Eun-young, for us. In this show, she had played big part in Ji-won’s life. Despite that, I find it ridiculous about how Ji-won always managed to survive everything. You will know what I meant if you watched it.
GBMB Ep20-6 GBMB Ep20-5
Here comes the saddest couple – Min Seon-jae and Yoon Ma-ri (played by Yoo In-young. Poor actress who had to play the role of someone who married wrong guy again, look at Oh My Venus and Mask.) Besides being too late to turn back onto right path, Seon-jae’s love for Ma-ri was too much and, alas, one-sided. He only wanted her for himself and even betrayed his best friend for that as well. Chills down my spine, yeah, this Kim Kang Woo.
GBMB Ep20-8 GBMB Ep20-1
Who do we have here? Our cutest panda, Seo Woo-jin (played by Song Jae Rim)! I actually liked his cute chemistry with Moon Chae-won better than Moon Chae-won’s with Lee Jin Wook. It’s pretty sad how he didn’t get the girl. Second Lead Syndrome be damned.
GBMB Ep20-4
Besides everything and revenge, I especially liked the comedic moments from the supporting actors especially Lee Won Jong who played “fake” doctor and heroic to Mr. Black. Loved him is almost every of his works. Best!
GBMB Ep20-10 GBMB Ep20-9
At least we have another sweet couple and they were cute. Cha Ji-won’s little sister, Cha Ji-soo (played by Im Se Mi), and Swan’s saviour Kim Ji-ryoon (played by roach’s brother Kim Tae Woo) have their own happily ever after, especially that Ji-soo has gotten her sight back and she was able to see grown up Ji-ryoon. Cute. Don’t remind me that Ji-ryoon used to like Swan as well. At least he got his ex-crush’s boyfriend’s sister. Shrugs.

GBMB Ep20-11
Ah, how can we forget the big bad one? Baek Eun-do (played by Jeon Gook Hwan) is another selfish antagonist alongside Min Seon-jae. I was really glad that he isn’t Swan’s biological father. If that was the case, Swan would be at least quarter evil. But, no, she isn’t his daughter and managed to recover her painful childhood memories. Thankfully, otherwise how would Black even deal with being his biggest enemy’s daughter’s boyfriend? So evillllll.

With almost everything being said, I have to say that I feel neutral about this show. It’s not the best but it’s not the worst. But, sometimes, I do wish I didn’t pick this show up and waste my 20 hours on it. Oops, guilty charged. *hands raised*
GBMB Ep20-12


One thought on “Goodbye, Mr. Black – Overall Review

  1. Besides being too late to turn back onto right path, Seon-jae’s love for Ma-ri was too much and, alas, one-sided. He only wanted her for himself and even betrayed his best friend for that as well.

    quote and unquote

    just from my perspective what I had seen and heard from MSJ’s explanation during episode 20 between his wife and him in prison scene …. MSJ loved Mari since she was 10. To him, it was love at first sight. This admission by him and his ‘crazy way of loving her’ throughout the drama signified his real feelings for Mari and the main and sole reason why she declared that she would wait for him to complete his sentence.

    MSJ and Mari were the dark horses in GMB, but their love triumphed in the end.(A dark horse is a little-known person[second lead/villain that emerges to prominence that seems unlikely to succeed at first.)

    Great acting from this couple and the rest as well.

    Thank you very much for your honest review on this drama … enjoyed reading it.

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