Vampire Detective – Overall Review

Year: 2016
Korean Channel: OCN
Episodes: 12

Overall thoughts
VD Ep12-10
Let me be honest here; What a disappointing show. Vampire Detective started off with promising thrilling teasers but gave us going-nowhere plot.
VD Ep12-4 VD Ep12-5
First thing first, our vampire hero Yoon San (played by Lee Joon) is often grief-stricken by the loss of his girlfriend, Jung Yoo-jin (played by Kim Yoon Hye), who actually became a vampire. Yoon San, himself, still doesn’t know or even want to find out how he became a very different vampire who can walk in sunlight.
VD Ep2-1 VD Ep3-4
With the cases, I feel that they are not even related to the show itself (only the some people on the cases are) except that San is able to see what happened by using his vampiric eyes on the blood. Speaking of vampire ability, I am quite disappointed by the lack of vampiric actions and that the show doesn’t let us learn more about their vampires or even San’s “special” blood. And, have we ever hear a single mention of “vampire”? No, I don’t think so.

Disappointment aside, the part I liked about this show is the teamwork among the characters and the actors’ acting. In fact, their acting especially Lee Joon’s, were wasted in this show. Alright. Alongside San, there are two awesome buddies, ex-detective Yong Goo-hyung (played by Oh Jung Se) and I.T. genius hacker Han Gyeo-wool (played by Lee Se Young). Of course, it’s always a must to have a genius hacker in a team!
VD Ep3-2

VD Ep12-8 VD Ep12-11
Poor girl who lost her brother to the sunlight and probably is still in dark of existence of vampires. Oh yes, I really liked how Lee Chung Ah played her role well as Yo-na. She has gotten more gorgeous than the last time I saw her in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Even though Yo-na is an antagonist, she did what she did for her first love who has grown older while she remains youthful thanks to her vampire being. Nevertheless, she has weak spot for him like how San has for his Yoo-jin.
VD Ep12-12
And, oh, not only Yoo-jin whom San has lost, he also lost his so-called best friend Kang Tae-woo (played by Jo Bok Rae) who betrayed by taking his girl away. Wow, look at what love can do to close friendship.

As OCN always does, Vampire Detective ended open-endedly with the possibility of new season. Half of me doesn’t want that because of how the script is written with almost no plot but another half wants it for its loose ends to be tied up. If they were to decide new season, they better do it properly in terms of plot-writing. Not to mention that both seasons of Vampire Prosecutor was so much better than this.
VD Ep12-7


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