Entertainer – Overall Review

Year: 2016
Korean Channel: SBS
Episodes: 18

ENT Ep18-2
Because Ji Sung! In the beginning when I started watching Entertainer, I almost wanted to drop it because of its bland plot. Yes, there are amazing casts in it. There is our entertainment CEO of Entertainer Band, Shin Suk-ho (played by Ji Sung), and his handsome kids.
ENT Ep16-7
These kids. CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk as Jo Ha-neul whose life got ruined thanks to his best friend, Lee Ji-young (played by Yoon Seo) who falsely accused him. Suk-ho had to spend almost half the show to prove his late best friend’s little brother’s innocence.
ENT Ep16-5
5urprise’s Gong Myung as Kyle, a genius guitarist and actually an adopted. Still very playful and grumpy, though. Teen Top’s L.Joe as Seo Jae-hoon. I am glad how his mother isn’t as hateful as I thought she would be and that he is able to pursue his passion for music while studying well.
ENT Ep18-9 ENT Ep18-5
Lee Tae Sun as Na Yun-soo, a single father with cute son Chan-hee. Aw, he has crush on another CEO, Yeo Min-joo (played by Chae Jung An). Though I wished for her to have little romance with Suk-ho instead (sadly, it’s all one-sided), she actually looks good together with Yun-soo and his son. Cute.
ENT Ep18-4
Ah yes, how can I forget the female lead? We have Lee Hyeri as Jung Geu-rin, playing Ha-neul’s so-called sister. They’re not blood-related, so I wished for them to have a little romance (sadly, another unrequited love). But I guess they’re better off as siblings on outside.

Overall thoughts
ENT Ep18-11
I mentioned how I wish for two pairings because I couldn’t picture Suk-ho and Geu-rin together. Thankfully, Entertainer focused on its own genre rather than characters’ romance development. It’s minimised in the way I am satisfied with. I am very satisfied with how our main leads’ romance progress lightly till the end. It’s more like adoration to me.
ENT Ep16-8
Now, let’s get to the most emotional part of the show. The part that stopped me from dropping the show. It’s Suk-ho’s late best friend and Ha-neul’s older brother, Jo Sung-hyun (played by Jo Bok Rae, you may recognise him in Vampire Detective). He was physically disabled and committed suicide due to his song being stolen.
ENT Ep16-2 ENT Ep16-1
There was so much emotional feels when Suk-ho and Ha-neul found out the truth. Even more, the justice is brought forward for Sung-hyun and his song, and Ha-neul gets to sing with his late brother on stage using the hologram from the recorded video.
ENT Ep16-3
And there’s me. Because the performance is so beautiful, they blew us away.

Not to forget the most hateful character in this show, Lee Joon-suk (played by Jeon No Min, lol, he always plays the bad guy. See Memory, Six Flying Dragons and Who Are You: School 2015), who always get in the way of Suk-ho’s journey to success of forming a band. At least, he finally gave in in the end.
ENT Ep16-4

I liked how they wrapped up other supporting characters’ stories as well. Lee Ji-young (one of Joon-suk’s bad involvement) was given a chance to redeem herself, thanks to Suk-ho. Betrayer Kim Joo-han (played by Heo Joon Suk) also managed to redeem himself by opening up a café and I like how Suk-ho even congratulated him despite the back-stabbing part.
ENT Ep18-7 ENT Ep18-6

Also, Entertainer reminds us of how idols/entertainers have their own life and that a band may not last long due to circumstances in real life. Jae-hoon is an example. He decides to quit the band in order to further his studies and do well as he doesn’t want to disappoint his mother who let him play drums in the band.
Another example would be Ji-nu (played by Ahn Hyo Seop) who had to face lots of hardships and Suk-ho helped along, even wanting to confess that he stole someone’s song for Ji-nu. With great support from Suk-ho, Ji-nu decides to leave his band Jackson and study music in order to become a better musician.
ENT Ep18-12 ENT Ep18-8

One thing I will definitely remember about Entertainer is Hyung’s song being returned to its owner rightfully and that Suk-ho kept his promise to have two brothers sing on the same stage (thanks, technology!). I wish those who dropped Entertainer would pick it up again and watch Hyung’s plot line.

Eventually, the ending is so much better than when it started which matters the most. It kept making me watch it till the end, though I still find it unnecessary to add 2 more episodes. Here’s to happy future for Entertainer band!
ENT Ep18-3


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