Lucky Romance – Overall Review

Year: 2016
Korean Channel: MBC
Episodes: 16

Overall Thoughts
LR Ep12-2
Initially I had expected Lucky Romance to be another MBC hit because of Hwang Jung Eum who previously starred in She Was Pretty and Kill Me, Heal Me (both from MBC too). The plot also sounds fun. Though it wasn’t a hit (as it didn’t hit over 10% for viewership ratings), it had done pretty fairly well. Lucky Romance has similar setting to She Was Pretty. Really, there are a lot of similarities. Despite that, I enjoyed this show.
LR Ep11-3
Mostly, it’s due to the male lead, Ryu Jun Yeol who rose to fame from Reply 1988. After watching him in this show, I understand why they casted him. He was perfect for the role of genius programmer Je Soo-ho.
LR Ep11-1 LR Ep11-2
I loved his amusing and entertaining expressions and interactions with his role’s best friend, Han Ryang-ha (played by Jung Sang Hoon). They are hilarious to watch! Remember the spoiled milk conversation? Oh lord.
LR Ep16-2
Viewers might think how superstition the show is, or more like Hwang Jung Eum’s character, Shim Bo-nui, is. But this is just a show. I do agree about how Hwang Jung Eum keeps playing almost same characters (I prefer her in Secret), but at least the supporting characters added the fun elements to the show like…
LR Ep16-3 LR Ep16-4
…the romance between Ryang-ha and Lee Dal-nim (played by Lee Cho Hee). Heh, their baby-talking is like the best and worst thing ever. So embarrassing.
LR Ep16-6 LR Ep16-5
Of course, not to forget our second leads, Gary Choi (played by Lee Soo Hyuk) and Amy Han (played by Lee Chung Ah). Am I only the one who feel that their combined auras is quite strong because of their past roles as vampires (Scholar Who Walks the Night and Vampire Detective respectively)? I love that they support one another till the end even after their own respective crushes got together.

Other than it being rom-com, liking gaming and being in IT industry and a programmer myself, Lucky Romance gave me insights of gaming development world and that it’s very interesting to watch its backdrop. I would totally love to have Soo-ho’s logical brain, man.
LR Ep15-1

Oh right, it seemed that they didn’t get around to Soo-ho’s biological father. There have been hints that his father isn’t his real father and that restaurant ahjusshi Ahn Young-il (played by Jung In Gi) might be his real one. It’s up to us to guess, I guess. I like it that way, though. We don’t need dramatic you-are-my-father/son reunion and such, if the ahjusshi turned out to be Soo-ho’s biological father. As long as his current father is having good relationship with Soo-ho in the end because it’s nice.
LR Ep16-7 LR Ep16-9

I notice how the leads got together after breaking up a year before, but at least it’s not a sudden. They are ready to get back together as Bo-nui was afraid of how her bad luck got Soo-ho into an accident. They are ready to accept the challenges thrown their way after settling down in their own respective lives. It’s not so bad, after all.
LR Ep16-11

Clearly, I did enjoy the lightness (minus the superstitions) of Lucky Romance despite its clichés. I want to see Ryu Jun Yeol in more projects and Hwang Jung Eum taking on a different type of role in future. Same goes for our pretty second leads, Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Chung Ah. And, oh, Lee Cho Hee! Now, onto W~ 😛
LR Ep16-12


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