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Episodes aired: 6 of 16 episodes (as of 4th August)

The premiere day of W – Two Worlds has finally arrived in July. I have been waiting for this ever since they announced a new show with a refreshing and seemingly amazing plot. Now, we’re already at fourth week since episode 7 is scheduled to air as per normal.

I am writing this before I watch episode 7, so take in mind that I will be talking about up to episode 6 in this post. There may be spoilers, but I will try to keep it to minimum!

W Ep2-1
W – Two Worlds not only delivered what it promised in teasers (they kept teasing us for weeks!) but also managed to maintain its crazy suspense as if the answers to questions weren’t enough. It’s more like the answers are only turning into another bunch of questions. As expected from the writer of Nine.
W Ep1-13 W Ep3-1
Lee Jong Suk is finally back onscreen, stealing out hearts, after his last role in Pinocchio. Actually, it wasn’t that long, but it felt long, hah! Am always remembering his precious roles in I Hear Your Voice and School 2013. And, of course, No Breathing. As everyone may know, Lee Jong Suk plays Kang Chul, a main character in the webtoon which is also called ‘W’. A handsome and genius one.
W Ep2-2 W Ep1-12
Actually, the welcoming part is more for Han Hyo Joo, who returns to the small screen after 6 years. I have nothing to say about her acting (I read comments about how her acting is overreacting) as the plot grab my attention the most. Her role as Oh Yeon-joo definitely is everyone’s dream, getting into webtoon (or virtual world) and meeting a guy of a girl’s dream.
W Ep2-5 W Ep1-4
Hang on, no. Lee Tae Hwan who plays Kang Chul’s bodyguard in W world as Seo Do-yoon, grabs my attention the most, heh.
W Ep2-4 W Ep1-7
Here we have Yoon So-hee (played by Jung Yoo Jin) whom every reader wants Kang Chul to be married to.
W Ep5-2 W Ep3-4
Especially our Crazy Dog, I mean Professor Park (played by Heo Jeong Do) from Yeon-joo’s real world. I like how the writer actually make characters like Prof Park and Oh Yeon-joo like us, a total fan boy/girl over non-existence characters, be it on shows or through webtoon/manhwa. “These days, I am so stressed because of W.” – that’s Prof Park speaking our minds.
W Ep5-3
Like how the writer of the show W made characters similar to us, the writer also made Yeon-joo’s father, Oh Sung-moo (played by Kim Eui Sang), the cartoonist of W, made Kang Chul opposite of himself. Not sure if you would get what I am talking about, but it’s okay. You know how W messed and is still messing up our minds.
W Ep6-3 W Ep5-5
I really do like the relationship between the father and daughter even though her parents are divorced. Y’know, Kang Chul’s creator may not be Dad, but little Yeon-joo. Probably, Dad’s love for his daughter was what inspired and made him create a world for someone his little daughter created, thus W.
W Ep4-2 W Ep1-11
Ah, Park Soo-bong (played by Lee Si Eon) mirrors our reactions whenever we watch W, love his reactions because he is also like us when it comes to reading/watching Oh Yeon-joo transport between two worlds. And, oh, poor Kang Suk-beom (played by Kang Ki Young who is also on Bring It On, Ghost) who has to deal with his crazy professor (as if ghosts weren’t enough).

W Ep1-9 W Ep1-8
Why you should watch W – Two Worlds
– Do I even need to state?
– Just watch it
(I have no other reasons, to be honest. I just like the plot.)

Now, what exactly is the anchor between the real and cartoon world? And how in the world that mysterious face-less man from W cross over to the real world?! It was only Kang Chul who realised that he is in non-real world and that he is “able to cross over” to the real world.
W Ep6-4

I believe that it’s either Yeon-joo herself or Dad’s drawing computer is an anchor (since Dad was pulled in as well). Since Yeon-joo created Kang Chul who wants to go back to his own world and that, in the back of her mind, she wants to keep the story going and meets Kang Chul again. So, in the end of episode 6, Yeon-joo probably found a way to make Kang Chul’s world resume where the time has frozen and he has been submerging underwater. Or it could be the… face-less guy? Ahh, I don’t know.
W Ep3-3

It seems that numbers have their own importance in this show. I read others’ theories about how numbers 9 or/and 10 has/have something to do with the alternate universe. Also, it’s because the writer likes to play around with number(s), as you can see from her past works especially Nine.
W Ep4-4

We gotta wait for more episodes for more answers. Like Kang Chul claimed, Yeon-joo is definitely the key to his life. Actually, we all knew that. I wonder how Yeon-joo will come to terms with her relation to Kang Chul and W world. Even though there are still 10 more episodes to go, I am curious as to how W will end. Is it possible for a real human and a cartoon character to end up together?

Actually, let’s focus on what kind of portal or how Yeon-joo transport to W world which I hope to see in next episode. Also, now that Kang Chul knows that he is a fictional character in a fictional world, I wonder what he is going to do in his world without knowing the true face of his family’s killer and having to not to tell his friends about the fake world they’re living in.
W Ep6-2 W Ep6-1


5 thoughts on “W–Two Worlds – Currently Watching

  1. Evelyn, I couldn’t go to your ep9.. am stuck, wasn’t here for a loooooong time. I normally lazy to read recap unless its something worthy like Healer, Hello monster, Remember war of son, and this Out of the Box W-2worlds.


  2. EvelynL, did you do any recap for Ep8 or ep9… i thought i did read something like that.. was curious what is your takes on this W… presently the simply but sincere Yeonjoo has just an impact on me, somewhere along the line of InAh of Remember. i liked her humility, when Crazy dogs and the likes bully her, she normally takes it in without a fight. but when they finally gone too much demanding that Chul’s romance be written off, she fought back for Chul (not for herself) post Operation. her Love for her dad, put above her own interest, even while she bare no grudges against Chul for shooting dad, she even worked towards saving him on her owns, knowing all his pains. twice she witnessed him trying to kill himself jumped HanRiver. the Third round jumping building was doubly painful. without taste the best, you wont feel the worst pain. the past 2 suicide of Chul she didn’t experienced Chul’s sincere love for her, but the Third suicidal was worst, because she was in her marital bliss, given a ring, promised some Options (esp Op.4 which we are dying to see?).
    Then cometh the blow, and Chul asked her using her own hands to draw him forgetting her. and she thought that is the end, and she is willing to live with that, but back she goes into his world again, seeing Chul whirl in out with DY, and the pretty SH. and She can only gazed, she didn’t even fight for any chances to win him back, remember deep within he is still her husband (even without the reality of the conummation of marriage, she is One with him in heart).
    i read in another Forum about how some are so intolerances towards her agonies, making much fun about her display of pains as “mopping around”. i was thinking recappers hold a great responsiblities to sway viewers’ sentiments and views. so i always pay lots of attention to diff recap sites to see what is recappers’ views, instead of going twitter and pinterest to drool pics of KD hunks. when a show as great as this, as challenging as this, the higher responsiblities lies in you girls to write a non-bias reviews.
    and you have no fail, Thank God.

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    • Hi, Mary! I am sorry about that as I didn’t write reviews for every episode of W. Really appreciate you coming to my website for it but I couldn’t write due to my real-life commitments. However, I will be writing its overall review when it ends! 🙂


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