Age of Youth – Overall Review

Age of Youth – Overall Review

Year: 2016
Korean Channel: jTBC
Episodes: 12

Overall Thoughts
I really love this show! Not only that it’s girls-centered show, depicting different lives of each of five girls, it’s also a show in which I believe every viewers would be able to relate to, in at least a way. Especially those who are in their twenties. I could see myself in some of the girls, learnt from them and wished I had some of their personalities.
This show feels very real with the girls dealing with their respective troubles as if in real life. I especially admired Yoon Jin Myung (played by glamorous Han Ye Ri) for her strong mindset and hardworking-ness to support herself financially by working few part-time and yet studying at the same time.
aoy-ep7-2 aoy-ep6-13
When I watched how she works in restaurant as a part-timer and gets picked on by her restaurant manager (Yes, that’s Min Sung Wook avenging his own death from Six Flying Dragons :P), she held out longer than I thought, because she once said that “this job is like a test”. I thought of myself being in her shoes and I don’t think I could take it any longer than her. But she eventually breaks down which was so heartbreaking and watching it doubles it because I bet every one of us out there must have felt that way too.
aoy-ep7-6 aoy-ep12-1
At least there is someone who likes Jin-myung and is there for her as a support – Park Jae-wan (played by Yoon Park). I could see how Jin-myung likes him back, but holds back. She was afraid of him finding out about her true self – wanting her own brother to pass on. I am glad things turn out good for them in the end, if not officially.
There is one of the girls I especially can relate to the most – Yoo Eun-jae (played by Park Hye Soo). She is introverted and prefers to keep to herself, especially on first day of moving in and school. She is innocent and reminds me of myself.
aoy-ep7-3 aoy-ep7-4
Well, except that someone likes her because I have no one (LOL). Anyway, she is so cute whenever she is with her first boyfriend, Yoon Jong-yeol (Shin Hyun Soo). They are the cutest couple in this show! Where can I find someone like Jong-yeol?
How can no one like this bright and bubbly girl, Song Ji-won (played by Park Eun Bin)?! Also, I am still bitter about how she didn’t get her own self-centric episode. She deserves all the love she needs! I wish I had bit of her outgoing personality. Interestingly, she often bluffs for the fun of it. Especially the ghost lie that got everyone thinking and acting differently.
aoy-ep12-4 aoy-ep11-6
I like this friendship between these two, Ji-won and Im Sung-min (played by Son Seung Won). Another thing I wish for too – a close guy friend. BUT, I am more to shipping them! They are fun to watch!
Oh, how I love the tallest girl of all, Kang Yi-na’s (played by Ryu Hwayoung) confidence and inner tenderness. Though she goes around with different men, she clearly cares for her housemates. Especially when she heard that Jung Ye-eun (played by Han Seung Yeon) is about to get into trouble, she couldn’t ignore and save her, even claiming to a drunk man that she is HER lover. Best thing ever.
aoy-ep6-11 aoy-ep6-12
Poor this guy, Seo Dong-joo (played by Yoon Jong Hoon), who is simply Yi-na’s platonic friend and clearly has feelings for her. Can I wish for them to get together?
Lastly, there is this girl, Jung Ye-eun. Don’t we find her character familiar? I bet most of us have a friend like her, being blinded by love. I hope she will grow up fully and learn her lesson.
aoy-ep11-7 aoy-ep6-10
Her (ex-)boyfriend, Go Doo-young (played by Ji Il Joo), is the worst jerk ever. It’s probably due to lack of love from his parents, but seriously, he is mentally screwed up. May he rot in prison forever.
AoY Ep12-5.JPG
Of course, not to forget the Belle Epoque’s landlady! What an awesome and classical lady.

The thing about Age of Youth is also about how the girls face their own pasts, using the ghost, bringing the guilt self out in each person, thinking that the ghost might be someone they know, sharing their own secrets. Jin-myung and her brain-dead brother, Eun-jae and her father, and Yi-na and the girl whom she drowned to save herself. But then, what if the whole ghost thing is real, what if Ji-won could actually see ghosts for real?

There are so many more questions and I hope this means second season in the future. Like, why that ex-housemate was kicked out and who is that “Hyo-jin” Ji-won called out to? And we still need Ji-won-centric episode!

Gosh, I am at vocabulary limit now, but watching Age of Youth makes me feel more and assure me that I am not alone in this world. That it’s okay to do or/and be this and that. This show clearly narrates the daily problems we face in our lives.

Our youth. It’s the transition phase of from going to university to getting into workforce. We constantly worry about our future – whether we have the ability to shape and stabilise our future by doing something in present. We face many things, be it ups or downs. We get through them and learn from every mistake we make. There would be always a rock bottom we hit but we can always rise after falling.

But, it doesn’t end without leaving us with a message – we still have plenty of time to balance it all out as we’re still in our youth. Also, to live for ourselves. This show definitely has become one of my favourite dramas this year and I will keep hoping for second season because we still have so many unanswered questions!


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  1. okay, then i post it here, just a news for you for next year. it was released that Yoo Seung ho has accepted his new project, namely “Ruler, Master of the Mask.” a Chingu has already open a thread in soompi forum for it. hahaha. sorry, if its not your type, just in case you are interested, just watch out. sorry to disturb.


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