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Episodes aired: 16 of 24 episodes (as of 13th October)

Of course, I am watching this show for the casts, but I never expected that I would enjoy it so much. Well, not the messed-up romance part.

Ya know, Gong Hyo Jin is really lucky to have guys surrounding her, look at her previous drama The Producers and now, Jealousy Incarnate. She plays a weather-forecaster-turned-anchor Pyo Na-ri who had a crush on a reporter, Lee Hwa-shin (played by Jo Jung Seok).
ji-ep3-2 ji-ep3-1
Yes, our hottie chef from Oh My Ghostess! Heh. Here we have a rich chaebol, Go Jung-won (played by Go Kyung Pyo, whom I have only seen in variety show Youth Over Flowers and Flower Boy Next Door which I dropped). These two men are best friends and, of course, fighting for our lead woman’s love, with Hwa-shin being too late in confessing his love. Thus, jealousy incarnate.
Not only our leads represent the jealousy, there are many other types of jealousy in this show such as eyeing an anchor position or what others have. Also, we do have another love triangle, hah. Not one but two more. The much older love – always rivals Gye Sung-sook (played by Lee Mi Sook) and Bang Ja-young (played by Park Ji Young) over their ex-husband who is a brother of Lee Hwa-shin, and now Kim Rak (played by Lee Sung Jae).
However, sadly, it seems that they do not want Kim Rak due to the fact that he is impotent. It’s so sad (that both of woman rejected him), ya know, I was hoping for polygamy among these three. 😛
ji-ep1-4 ji-ep3-3
And then, we have a much younger version of love triangle. The two women’s daughter (niece of Lee Hwa Shin), Lee Ppal-gang (played by Mun Ga Young) with Pyo Na-ri’s younger brother, Pyo Chi-yeol (played by Kim Jung Hyun) and their neighbour, Oh Dae-goo (played by Ahn Woo Yeon from Five Children!). Actually, I am glad that we don’t get much drama from these three, but I am curious if they would remain good friends this way or whether Ppal-gang would choose one of them, affecting another’s friendship.

Why you should watch Jealousy Incarnate
– Serious situations could even be funny!
– Jo Jung Seok!
– Go Kyung Pyo!
– Like seriously, the guys!
– Of course, Gong Hyo Jin
– Side characters’ entertainment
– Entertainmentttt
– That cool ahjusshi

If you’re watching this show, you will realised how messed up it is, with everyone relating to one another in at least a way, with Hwa-shin’s brother’s death bringing them together, hah. But this is so entertaining. Plus, the supporting characters from the broadcast station are way more entertaining and they are the reason why I enjoy Jealousy Incarnate so much. Jo Jung Seok also knows how to turn a serious situations into funny ones, making us laugh at his sternness or misery. I am sorry.
ji-ep6-1 ji-ep6-2

Jealousy Incarnate may be a ridiculous show where two would fight over one. But, we got to remember that it does focus on other aspect as I have mentioned earlier, such as positions. Despite the show’s ridiculousness with Pyo Na-ri loving two men and Kim Rak liking two women, I feel that it’s okay with having “two hearts”. Polyamory/polygamy, anyone? 😛 We’re human beings, after all.
ji-ep4-1 ji-ep4-2

Also, despite that it’s childish to have best friends risking their friendship over a girl, however, this show is definitely a fun ride as the writer knows how to stick to comic reliefs in almost every episode, staying true to the show’s genre (which, most of the times, other shows failed to keep on their tracks).

We still have one more month left to see the bickering continue and love triangles’ developments. It may be obvious as to whom Pyo Na-ri will end up with, but I am still hoping for them three to live together like how Na-ri suggested in latest episode. xD I am more curious about the much older relationship. Will Kim Rak ever get a chance to be with one of them, if not both? Through this, I love how Kim Sung-sook and Bang Ja-young bond despite being rivals in love, hah. Also when claiming their daughter. May this show continue being an entertaining one!


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