Moonlight Drawn by Clouds – Overall Review

Also known as: Love in the Moonlight
Year: 2016
Korean Channel: KBS
Episodes: 18

Overall Thoughts
A bittersweet love story about a crown prince falling in love with a girl, love adviser, who pretended to be an eunuch, who is also a daughter of his family’s so called enemy. Well, I definitely picked Moonlight up for the casts. Also, because of Boombastic teaser in which baby Park Bo Gum danced hilariously in his royal clothes, hah.
mdbc-ep1-6 mdbc-ep1-7
It first started off light with comedic moments which I loved. Really. That was it till when things got real about the true identity of Kim Yoo Jung’s character, Hong Ra-on. I especially loved how Park Bo Gum portrayed two sides to his character, Lee Young or, in more familiar term, Crown Prince Hyomyeong.
We can see that Crown Prince looks easy-going and be hot tempered on outside which makes the character entertaining, but he is actually smart and serious on inside when it comes to evil council and throne.
Of course, Kim Yoo Jung does great in any roles and even the fact she makes herself look older than her own actual age. Though I disapproved of casting teen Kim Yoo Jung alongside adult Park Bo Gum because of what I saw in the web novel, I am glad that the writer of this show decides to keep it light above the borderline. Still, she is still very young.
I feel neutral about this character, Kim Yoon-sung (played by B1A4’s Jin Young) as he simply wants to live as himself, not follow his even-headed evil grandfather’s (played by Chun Ho Jun, from Six Flying Dragons) orders. His friendship with Crown Prince may have turned sour, but I liked how Hong Ra-on’s presence brought them together, if not being friends again, again. His love for Ra-on never dies till the end where I was actually alright with how they ended his part.
Well, look who is the hottie one here? It’s Kwak Dong Yeon playing a bodyguard Kim Byung-yun. I didn’t really expected that he was planted as a spy beside Crown Prince who considers him a best friend since childhood (along with Yoon-sung till something happened). At least, I am glad that they didn’t kill him off entirely.
Now, let’s not forget this girl, Jo Ha-yeon (played by Chae Soo Bin). When I first heard about Chae Soo Bin’s role, being Ra-on’s rival in love, I thought I was going to hate her role again like how I did in Sassy, Go Go.
mdbc-ep16-7 mdbc-ep16-8
However, no, never for once did her character make me dislike her. Not even slightest. She knows what she is doing and yet still tries her best in winning Crown Prince’s heart. In the end, I loved her more for what done. She lets go of someone she loves because she knows she will only end up hurting herself in one-sided love. She doesn’t even try to hurt the girl of the guy she loves. She lets go and gains freedom which is really a pleasant sight to watch.
Cute! I like that they didn’t forget another love story in the palace from the beginning – Princess Myungeun (played by Jung Hye Sung) and Jung Duk-ho (played by Ahn Se Ha).

No, I am not going to write about the other evil supporting characters, hah. Of course, not to forget the awesome eunuchs who light up the palace along with Hong Ra-on. She is very likeable, of course. And, oh, best cameo reference ever goes to Kim Seul Gi who appeared in last episode, as she was in Splish Splash Love as also an eunuch!
mdbc-ep16-16 mdbc-ep16-15

Moonlight may have flaws in it such as expected dramatic scenes. Especially when Ra-on get saved by anyone whenever she is in danger. But then, this is fusion saeguk. That this show even went against the real history (Crown Prince Hyomyeong supposedly died in the history) of making Crown Prince into a King. Speaking of King, I love how Crown Prince sticks to his own mind set, thanks to his mother – becoming closer to his subjects.

I know how the story had to turn solemn with those finding the rebels and all, but I was disappointed with how they failed to keep the comedy part. Well, at least, they showed bit of comedy in the last part when the new King suddenly sit on the floor instead of throne. But, still. I loved the comic reliefs in the beginning and the teasers. Especially with Park Bo Gum and his (any) expressions. Still loved the first few episodes. Also, remember how they metaphorized the show’s title, heh.
mdbc-ep1-13 mdbc-ep1-14

I also feel that they wrapped it up a bit too quickly, maybe it’s because they dragged out bit over the last few episodes. Nevertheless, I am so glad that Moonlight is such a success with over 20% viewership ratings especially that this came from the writer of Who Are You: School 2015. It must be Bo Gum Effect.


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