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Episodes aired: 9 of 16 episodes (as of 20th October)

Mmhmm, I am delighted that this show is light and something we all like. The fluffiness and adorableness between the leads. And, of course, Seo In Guk! Glad to see him back onscreen again after so-much-feels I Remember You last year. Hehe.

Jumping right into a new show after 38 Task Force, Seo In Guk never fails to impress us with his ability of getting into an entirely different role in such a short time. His character in Shopping King Louis as titular Louis (Korean name is Kang Ji Sung) is simply an adorable spoilt brat whether he lost his memory or not!
skl-ep2-4 skl-ep3-7
No, I am not being biased, ok. Heh. Like, the leads are adorable as being the dumb ones. Alongside Louis who lost his memory due to an accident, Go Bok-sil’s (played by Nam Ji Hyun) becomes part of Louis’ life. Each of them, in their own different aspects, has no idea of how the world works.
skl-ep3-1 skl-ep3-3
Despite not knowing who he is himself, Louis still has his old habits and a cool ability when it comes to shopping. I love how there are cute drawings in every episode, adding effects and more information visually.
skl-ep2-3 skl-ep2-2
Like how these drawings represent each of them – Louis being a sneaky cat and a king (hah) around others, and Bok-sil as flying squirrel. And there, Louis is always following Bok-sil like a puppy, for food and love.
skl-ep7-5 skl-ep7-3
And, oh, not only Louis has such ability have items talk to him at shopping, his secretary, Kim Ho-joon (played by Eom Hyo Sup) definitely has cooler ability – reading one’s expression and detecting the changes. And even identifying Louis! Wow, superb. No wonder he and Louis are a match.
I had to use this screenshot. Oh poor our Oscar. I mean, Cha Joong-won (played by Yoon Sang Hyun, who is notable for his role as Oscar in Secret Garden). He can be hilariously solemn and gets annoyed by Louis mostly. But, we all know that he likes is alright with Louis now that he knows that his feelings for Bok-sil can’t be repricated.
For a moment, can we forget Bok-sil and look at this scene? Aw, it would be sweet between them. Alright, back to the characters.
Also, poor this handsome detective Nam Joo-hyuk (played by Kang Ji Sub). I feel so guilty for almost always forgetting about him in this show. D: Sigh, another heartbreak.
I don’t hate this girl, Baek Ma-ri (played by Im Se Mi). Only her father, Baek Sun-goo (played by Kim Kyu Cheol) is someone hateful in this show. Baek Ma-ri’s greed is something we would detest a (second) female lead for, but this is probably driven by her father who has more greed even to the extent of planning to kill Louis. Sometime, Ma-ri can be innocent especially when she found out that Louis is still alive. Hm, I hope she won’t become someone as hateful as her father.
Hah, I love the mother and son neighbours, Jo In-sung (played by Oh Dae Hwan) and Ms Hwang Geum-ja (played by Hwang Young Hee) despite the fact they often take advantage of Bok-sil and Louis. And really, the name Jo In-sung?! LOL. They even used Song Joong Ki’s name.
skl-ep3-4 skl-ep8-1
What’s more hilarious and yet precious is that 38 Task Force co-stars Seo In Guk and Oh Dae Hwan reunited in Shopping. If you watched 38 Task Force, you will get what I mean when I say that their roles are switched, hah. I thought In-sung was going to con Louis (well, he kinda did? But his mother tends to do that.), but they became funny, entertaining and shopping friends instead.

Why you should watch Shopping King Louis
– Oh the fluffiness!
– Adorable chemistry between the leads
– Dorky Seo In Guk
– Really a dork
– Still a puppy
– Light-hearted

Alright, let’s get to the serious part as there is still halfway to go… As most viewers knew from the beginning, Bok-sil’s loss of his brother has something to do with a homeless amnesia man whom she took in just because he was wearing her brother’s jacket. And this is going to affect both of their lives, as we can see from next week’s preview.

As well as their love for each other. And I hate it. But then it’s a drama. UGH. The down climax better not drag on and have us pulling our hair out in frustration or turn off the screen. How my heart is going to handle all these next week? (For your information, I am typing this post with only 9 episodes aired.)
skl-ep6-2 skl-ep9-1

I pray for Louis to have his memory back soon and remember that he once saw Bok-sil on television before. That he was already attracted to her even before he met her. Well, that’s your rich oppa falling for a poor girl. Typical, I know. But, still! Loving the leads and almost everyone else (except that evil one) so far and I pray that our dorky couple won’t be apart for too long just because of the sad coincidence fate between Bok-sil’s brother and Louis. (But then, it could be that Bok-sil’s brother sent Louis to his sister just so she won’t be lonely and be left all alone in the world.)


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