On the Way to the Airport – Overall Review

Year: 2016
Korean Channel: KBS
Episodes: 16

Overall Thoughts
I got to say, honestly, that this show is really filmed beautifully in terms of cinematography. Yes, this is an affair show and the characters would make you frustrated. However, sometimes, you may understand why.
I can’t say I can put myself in any of their shoes because I could not know how to relate at all. But I judged from my own view. Why I picked this show up? Mainly because of the actors and its title ‘On the Way to the Airport’. The title itself really piqued my interest as I wondered what they could do with an airport in a show.
otwtta-ep2-1 otwtta-ep2-2
Of course, friends, it’s where they all met and the female lead, Kim Ha Neul portrayed a veteran air stewardess Choi Soo-ah who is married to an experience pilot Park Jin-suk (played by Shin Sung Rok) with a daughter. After picking up few episodes, I couldn’t help but to be captivated by the cinematography, damn. And of course, our Liar Game men.
Lee Sang Yoon is the male lead (actually, more like one of the leads) as Seo Do-woo. Also a married man with a step daughter from his wife, Kim Hye-won (played by Jang Hee Jin). Let me tell you, Kim Hye-won is such a big liar, wow. This is where my understanding of Seo Do-woo comes in.
otwtta-ep6-2 otwtta-ep6-1
With a wife who lied about almost everything even down to lying about bringing up her daughter, Annie Seo (played by Park Seo Yeon), on her own when, in fact, she was sent to her mother by her father on the day the couple met, Do-woo has no one else to turn to, but his good friend and his late daughter’s friend’s mother.
It’s understandable when they began to develop “special” kind of feelings towards each other since Do-woo has issue with his wife and Soo-ah’s husband is someone who always decide everything on his own without consulting his wife, leading to arguments where Soo-ah often fails to win. What Soo-ah needs the most is comfort.
otwtta-ep1-2 otwtta-ep1-3
But, because of the fact that they each have spouse, it’s still considered a cheating for both as they once went over the line. However, first of all, this show never make a third party a reason for a divorce. Do-woo filed for a divorce due to the trust issue and Hye-won’s ambition.
otwtta-ep16-9 otwtta-ep16-8
As for Soo-ah, from what I was not able to perceive in the final episode, I am not clear if they are divorced. Anyway, eventually, Do-woo and Soo-ah remain as texting buddy (before becoming official?). And they met up again at the place where they first met. Because, it was and is the beginning. Beautiful.
Soo-ah’s husband, Park Jin-suk, you can say that he is all about himself. Even though he was in wrong for leading women on, at least he still cares for his wife, calling her “precious”. There is something about him – him not being able to accept his wife’s affair in reality and that his claustrophobia triggered after seeing both her and Do-woo at the same time.
It’s no wonder he only thinks for himself. Poor their daughter, Park Hyo-eun (played by Kim Hwan Hee), who witnessed her father’s anger. At least Hyo-eun has grown matured and made her own final decision to study in New Zealand where her father got posted to.
otwtta-ep14-2 otwtta-ep14-1
Right, Song Mi-jin (played by Choi Yeo Jin) is a good friend of Choi Soo-ah and an ex-lover of Soo-ah’s husband. Here, importantly, what I liked about her is that her good friend always come first and she is definitely over Jin-suk. She never once tries to do anything to their marriage, even though she may have wavered for once, but it was a situation where she had to help her good friend indirectly. All is good in the end for ‘em together. 😀

Please note that I don’t condoned the act of cheating on a partner at all.

Airport is an adultery melodrama with many feels and beautiful scenes. Also, secrets. Annie’s backstory is what saddened me the most in this show. It’s sad how she has been waiting for her father, only to learn the truth about her father’s death, after living under her mother’s thumb for few years. And then, she passed away at such a young age.

I have nothing more to say about Airport, except that the story is written with careful knowledge. The director even made it into something exquisite, making the story look not-so-messed-up and not even slightly evil. Kudos to ‘em. Lastly, this is not relevant but can we have Liar Game 2 soon? Hehehe. 😛


3 thoughts on “On the Way to the Airport – Overall Review

  1. The writer of this drama is very wrong sending out a bad message to the teenagers. I don’t know what the Koreans think I can’t accept married people betrayed his/her other half. Do you think it is right that Soo Ah went out to meet Do woo at late evening and returned home the next morning. Don’ t forget her daughter was in high fever. They are dog and bitch!

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  2. I am so glad to know there are people who agree how bad this drama is. This is created by irresponsible people or situations or maybe by being forced to be created by money. Whatever it is, a great thing storyline that could have happened is totally destroyed because whoever responsible for the storyline dont know shit about love. I mean yeah affairs happen. Yeah twisty personalities exist. But why add background music that is meant to played while celebrations and true love scene to the totally ugly form of emotion that is formed by betrayal? Am I missing something here? Yeah I too can come up on ways to accept and agree the storyline, but you and I both know its putting cream on crap. Or have the writers totally lost it?

    The actors did awesome job, and I like them for it. But this whole script needed only tiny changes to still keep it enjoyable and meaningful, even a drunk reviewer might be able to make that change if he knew the basics of love. morality aside, this is plain stupid. Did they think this will tug the audiences heart more? No, this leeches off undefended psychology of many viewers, while even better result could have been achieved with leeching of the people. Where is humanity? And what is love? Or is plainly and cruely money oriented? But that doesnt male sense as small changes could make it equally or even more profitable. Or are they that dull? Or is this a satire, parody, or any noir or something? No!! clearly it itself portrays as a love story. which mean this is scripted by irresponsible people who know shit about love.

    Atleast in next season add some honest meanings to the story being sold here. Or has money prevailed responsibility now? But this drama does show a family who want value to their life over money. I positively am hopeful that in the next season some value will be added to the story.


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