Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim – Overall Review

Year: 2016-2017
Korean Channel: SBS
Episodes: 20 + Bonus

RDTK Ep20-1.png
I thought this another medical drama would flop. But, well, thank goodness, Han Suk Kyu playing titular Teacher Kim, saved the whole show. It has over 20%, which was well deserved, for its viewership ratings in Korea and that shows how much ahjummas love him. I get them. xD
I mean, how could you not find him charismatic after watching him in a show (Tree With Deep Roots for me). His acting ability is remarkable and superb, even down to his micro expressions.
rdtk-ep20-8 rdtk-ep20-5-2
Here we have other two in-love leads, Yoo Yeon Suk playing doctor surgeon Kang Dong-joo and Seo Hyun Jin playing emergency doctor Yoon Seo-jung, whom both are mentored by Teacher Kim. Actually, it’s more of indirect mentor since they both admire and respect him.
rdtk-ep20-5-14 rdtk-ep20-5-16
Through this show, we get to see how much people change after meeting Doldam people, especially Do In-bum (played by Yang Se Jong) who used to use his father’s (Director Do Yoon-wan, played by Choi Jin Ho) name to get in the way and faked his experiences.
RDTK Ep20-7.png RDTK Ep20-6.png
Watching Teacher Kim and others, In-bum grew to realise that he rather be called by his own name and done everything on his own. You could almost literally see so much salt on his father’s face when he said he wants to stay on in Doldam hospital despite being sent there involuntarily, almost becoming Dong-joo’s bestie (hah).
RDTK Ep20-17.png
Speaking of Director Do, his ideal of the world is similar to Teacher Kim’s, however, he lost himself trying to do the things his way, not wanting to be look down upon. And this is why Teacher Kim is romantic at heart, wanting the best for his patients and even risked his life to save others no matter what because that’s his sincerity and job.
RDTK Ep20.5-3.png
Oh how I love Nurse Oh (played by Jin Kyung) and I could understand her whenever she follows Teacher Kim’s decision, putting her trust in him. She may be hot-tempered but that’s her fighting for justice.
rdtk-ep20-9 RDTK Ep20-12.png
What surprised me the most is Nurse Park Eun-tak (played by Kim Min Jae) and his strength. When the guardian wanted to leave the isolated emergency room, he managed to pull him back. Poor puppy whose feelings weren’t reciprocated, having crush on Doctor Woo Yeon-hwa (played by Seo Eun Su). I wish we got more backstory of him, though.

Overall Thoughts
The word ‘romantic’ in the title doesn’t suggest the meaning of romance in love relationship. It’s more towards the sense of romanticism of life, as said by the director, which I really liked about. People reading that title could get wrong idea, but they would realise its actual meaning when watching it.
This is the excerpt from Dong-joo’s voiceover in the final episode, “Even though there is no right answer to life’s every moment, Teacher Kim once said, ‘Never give up searching for why we live. If you forget your reason for living, your romantic ideals will end.’” It signifies not to lose oneself. This is really important, at least to me.
rdtk-ep20-2 rdtk-ep20-3
A perfect example for this would be a webtoonist patient with heart failure, who gets a chance to live after getting a sponsor for his operation, thanks to Chairman Shin (played by Joo Hyun) as he gets to continue his works. That’s romanticism for you, doing what you like and appreciate in life.
rdtk-ep20-5-5 rdtk-ep20-5-6
Lastly, of course, never forget Kim Hye Soo’s cameo in the bonus episode! I was really excited for it since, at least we should see another side to Teacher Kim when it comes to love.
However, I was kinda disappointed with how bonus episode went? I mean, they said it’s a prequel, but it’s more of sequel. Not that I am complaining about it, it’s just that I was expecting a lot of flashbacks and glimpses of Teacher Kim’s pasts. But it’s ok, these two got a hold of my heart.

Now, let’s talk about the topic regarding Season 2. (eyes emoji) I am okay with how Romantic Doctor ended and I hope it stays this way. But, I’d welcome Han Suk Kyu and his smiles onscreen anytime. Bonus, Han Suk Kyu and Kim Hye Soo (they were in a movie ‘Villain and Widow’) in a drama, yes?

Now, I am not sure if I was able to type out what I feel about this show as I haven’t been typing to post for some time! I do hope that you would be able to understand what I am trying to convey through this post. Pardon me if I am conveying wrong messages but that’s how it is to me. J I should get back into the habit of typing reviews which I hope to do so this year.


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