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Episodes aired: 10 of 18 episodes (as of 21st February)

This is one truly thriller show with amnesiac person on death row, trying to find his own answers in order to prove his innocence.

(A/N: I would like to note that there are spoilers in this post. Read at your own risk. :D)

Not only that its intriguing plot gives us the thrills, Ji Sung’s acting ability also adds to it as he plays the titular defendant Park Jung-woo, who used to be a prosecutor. Oh, how glad I am that his ability is put to use in this show after his hit in Kill Me, Heal Me.
dfd-ep3-3 dfd-ep3-4
Even down to micro expressions, he perfectly expressed from the loving husband towards his family to the distress of a man who suddenly found himself in prison, having lost his memory and family. How scary must that be?
dfd-ep3-6 dfd-ep3-5
Besides Ji Sung and his remarkable skills, Uhm Ki Joon is another with outstanding skills as the villain, playing a pair of good and bad twins, Cha Sun-ho and Cha Min-ho (still scaring me since Phantom, as if I didn’t say it before).
We all know that the villain of this show is Cha Min-ho pretending to be his older brother, Cha Sun-ho. And this is why Park Jung-woo is trying to catch him. At least, the twins’ parents are able to recognise who is who, and pretend not to know. As well as Sun-ho’s wife, Na Yeon-hee (played by Uhm Hyun Kyung), who was actually ex-girlfriend of the evil twin.
Ji Sung and Uhm Ki Joon are just too good. That I feel sorry for SNSD’s Kwon Yuri who plays Park Jung Woo’s public defendant, Seo Eun-hye. However, her performance is not bad actually, highlighting the lawyer who is trying to help Jung-woo, who is left all alone, despite having lost numerous cases.
dfd-ep10-9 dfd-ep10-10
I guess you could say that her green performance adds her “struggling-to-act-better” to her role of “struggling-to-do-better”, if ya get what I mean. xD
I seriously hope that Park Jung-woo’s friend, Kang Joon-hyuk (played by Oh Chang Suk), would stop his greed and believe his falsely accused friend and find his daughter, Park Ha-yeon (played by Shin Ra Ah, you may recognise her in The Legend of the Blue Sea), who is actually alive.
dfd-ep10-3 dfd-ep10-2
Speaking of Jung-woo’s daughter, surprise surprise, the nicest guy from the prison, Lee Sung-gyu (played by Kim Min Suk), turned out to be the one who took her away. And, he had actually been living next to Jung-woo’s house. Well, at least he has conscience since he has been taking care of Ha-yeon since his release. To be honest, I didn’t expect this twist, hah.
Also, I have been wondering if Sung-gyu or the corrupted wardens have been supplying some medication to make Jung-woo lose his memory. Otherwise, what could cause his memory loss other than his wanting to go back to the time he misses the most, thus losing the memories that cause the pain.
dfd-ep9-3 dfd-ep9-2
Aside from the thrills that are keeping us on the edge constantly, I love the comic relief from the prison mates who love Twice, hah. And, of course, ex-prosecutor Jung-woo being frenemy with gangster Shin Chul-sik (played by Jo Jae Yun), having admitted to using him to catch Cha Min-ho.

Why you should watch Defendant
– Ji Sung!
– Uhm Ki Joon
– The thrills
– Stellar performances from protagonist and antagonist
– To find out the ending

Even though we are halfway through the show (since they added 2-episodes extension, which I hope it’d be good instead of dragging the story of amnesia), it’s still keeping me on the edge of my seat, with the latest episode ended with Jung-woo having found his daughter.

Now, what’s going to happen?! Especially since Min-ho is also looking for his daughter and the fact that Jung-woo is badly injured, having escaped from the operation room which was his plan to escape the prison. It’s all about race.
dfd-ep10-4 dfd-ep10-5

I am definitely curious as to how Jung-woo is going to prove his innocence with Eun-hye’s help. How is he going to get the actual murder weapon which he hide away? Especially when Min-ho has puppets and men everywhere, and never hesitate to kill anyone. All these curiosity; No wonder Defendant has over 20% for its viewership ratings. Also I just read that the writer was also one of the writers of hit City Hunter. Ah, of course.

Let’s see if Cha Min-ho would ever get away with his evil deeds, as we know that he is the culprit for Jung-woo’s wife’s murder, and Jung-woo would ever get to prove his innocence despite being the one who made himself falsely accused in order to save his daughter. Because one would do anything for their family members.


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