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Episodes aired: 10 of 20 episodes (as of 23rd February)
Also known as: Good Manager

I am really enjoying this show unexpectedly! I mean, I only wanted to give it a try for first two episodes and it turns out to be the type of drama I needed whenever I need to distress – the antics.

(A/N: I would like to note that there are spoilers in this post. Read at your own risk. :D)

I never really thought of picturing Namgoong Min play other types of roles as he was very convincing as a villainous character (Remember – War of the Son, The Girl Who Sees Smell). However, him playing titular Chief Kim, as Kim Sung-ryong, changed my view of him, viewing him as a really fun actor. His comic timing in this show is right on the spot and hilarious.
Another who blew me away is 2PM’s Lee Jun Ho who plays Seo Yul, an arrogant and yet charismatic prosecutor and then a managing director at the company where Chief Kim works as well. For an actor-idol, I found him likeable in Memory as a soft lawyer, and he continues to impress me as a cold and menacing person in Chief Kim, giving many layers to his character as villain. Still, he is lovable as ever.
ck-ep3-2 ck-ep3-3
Seo Yul’s character make us question his true intentions for working as a director at a large company, quitting his prosecutor job. What we are aware of is that Chief Kim entered the company as he wanted to launder the money, but ends up becoming a “righteous” person, hah. Also the fact that Seo Yul wants to control Chief Kim but the latter refuses to be a puppet. And, I look forward to their interaction the most as frenemy bromance. 😛
Seo Yul’s cold side is not the only one we see, but we also get to see soft side of him when he first saw Yoon Ha-kyung (played by Nam Sang Mi) at batting cage. He is such a puppy when he becomes soft and shy around her.
ck-ep5-11 ck-ep6-8
However, when he discovered that Ha-kyung is working for CEO Jang (played by Lee Il Hwa), the wife of evil Chairman Park (played by Park Young Gyu) whom he is working with, he gets disappointed. Because of the fact that she actually tried to get information from him while drinking, using him. That must have hurt, boy. D: I wish we would get more cute moments from them after the bitterness dies down, if ever.
Yoon Ha-kyung is one righteous woman, which is of course. I like how strong she is in term of mentality and willpower. Which is one of the good points in this show – the way the female characters are written. For example, Chief Kim’s secretary friend, Oh Gwang-suk (played by Im Hwa Young). I’d expected her to be the other woman and jealous and all. However, she is and became a very dependable friend to both Chief Kim and Ha-kyung.
Onto another interesting character, Hong Ga-eun (played by Jung Hye Sung). It’s funny how she often forget that she is on secret mission, playing an intern in the company, and roots for Chief Kim cutely. I have seen how people ship her and Chief Kim, but I can’t erase the fact they played siblings previously in Remember. ><
Not to forget about a squad, and here we have Business Operation team who work together and hard despite the differences in characters and disputes.
ck-ep8-3 ck-ep8-2
Yes, interactions. I love how Gwang-suk and Ha-kyung live together temporarily, like how Chief Kim and manager Chu Nam-ho (played by Kim Won Hae) are living together. This just help them to bond even closer.

Why you should watch Chief Kim
– Oh the comedy, of course!
– Namgoong Min’s hilarious acting
– Cold and yet lovable Lee Jun Ho
– Frenemy bromance between Chief Kim and Seo Yul
– Laughs
– Savageness
– Namgoong Min’s chemistry with almost everyone

Right, it would even be better if there were no romance involved in this show. It’s because I love them working together (Chief Kim and Ha-kyung, Chief Kim and Ga-eun) as partners in crime.
ck-ep10-2 ck-ep7-1
It’s pity how Seo Yul is kind of alone amidst these, but that’s because he is selfish as you can see how he eats often on his own in a private meeting, reflecting his selfishness and not wanting to be controlled by anyone. He is such a jerk, but I really do hope that he is actually a good person on inside, going undercover like Ga-eun!
There is another evil one, Jo Min-young (played by Seo Jung Yeon), and I am sure that she has same goal as Seo Yul, however, they have their own ways.
And that’s the reason why I thought Yul could be trying to cover up his real intention by doing his way differently in order to win Chairman Park’s favour as he did to sabotage Business Operation’s interim report in latest episode. Though, I am having second thoughts he might be really wicked as he is very persistent on dissolving their team.
ck-ep10-4 ck-ep10-3
We are only halfway through, and how Chief Kim is going to stop him and save his team? I am sure that Chief Kim will follow his nature, being good and save themselves. Forget about laundering more money and going to Denmark, hah.

All in all, I really like the wacky comedy in this show and cathartic acting from Namgoong Min. Especially Chief Kim’s tom-and-jerry chase with Chairman Park’s son and that he is controlling him, and the psychology bickering between Chief Kim and Seo Yul.

Chief Kim is definitely a show for everyone who wants to sit back and relax. It has acclaimed viewership ratings of over 17% in its timeslot, dominating it, which is really unexpected, especially when highly anticipated Saimdang, Light’s Diary is airing at the same time. Rejoice!


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