Chicago Typewriter – Episode 1 Review

Finally, fantasy romance Chicago Typewriter is here! I thought I should give this show a try on review writing and, at the same time, getting back to it since it’s been a long time.

I have been looking forward to this mainly because of its title. I wondered how they are going to execute the plot revolving the actual Chicago Typewriter (and it means two literal things in this show). What’s more, the modern characters are connected to their past lives, and I gotta say the first two episodes are intriguing.

Episode 1
Life seems to have been going smoothly for our bestselling writer, Han Se-joo (played by Yoo Ah In), getting inspirations by getting disguised in order to embody a character. That’s until when he comes across a typewriter with hangul keypads, at a café in Chicago. Because of it, he keeps hearing things and even seeing his own past life.
Ep1-3 Ep1-4
1930s! Oh, how I love the setting in 1930s. Look at those vintage clothes and antiques. I am hoping that we will get more of 1930s’ scenes. Seeing the vision of his past life, a woman, supposedly dressed up as a man, showed past him a rifle which nickname is “Chicago Typewriter” since its gunfire sounds similar to the sounds of the typewriter.
Ep1-10 Ep1-5
There’s definitely something more to the creepy typewriter. Creepy, because it starts typing on its own, begging to be sent to Han Se-joo! Poor English man, who eventually has to send his most treasured possession to the writer who wanted it.
Introduced by her friend, Ma Bang-jin (played by Yang Jin Sung), Jeon Seol (played by Im Soo Jung) who has the same face in the Se-joo’s past life vision, is one legendary (also the meaning of her name) fan girl of Se-joo and great in almost everything, ranging from rock climbing to judo and also almost becoming a participant in Olympics. However, she had to drop out, and didn’t become veterinarian as well, due to her personal circumstances.
Ep1-7 Ep1-8
As if by coincidence (well, dramaland), Seol has to deliver a huge parcel from Chicago to Se-joo’s house which makes her enthusiastic, using this chance to enter his house. Of course, Se-joo doesn’t allow anything strange or any stranger to enter his house which discourages Seol.
Ep1-14 Ep1-15
Here comes the highlight of this episode – the dog of hope! I bet the dog is possessed (like how the typewriter is), allowing itself into Se-joo’s house when it’s actually not his, letting Seol enter happily.
Ep1-16 Ep1-17
Well, why would one have a dog bone as USB drive stick?! No wonder, the dog takes it and puts it in front of him as if threatening to eat it, scaring Se-joo. Well, I think it’s Se-joo’s punishment from whoever possessed the dog, hah. He eventually eats it and runs away, making them chase after him.
Thank goodness Seol studied veterinary, convincing Se-joo to calm down so that the dog can calm down as well, making him run into Seol’s arms voluntarily. Looks like Se-joo is disappointed, LOL. I thought he said he is allergic to dog’s fur.
Ep1-22 Ep1-23
As a fan girl, it’s definitely an honour for Seol to be inside Se-joo’s house. However, it kind of annoying whenever she tries to get in again and again, as if being in few times weren’t enough. Finally, the parcel is delivered to Se-joo personally. I thought they were going to forget about it.
Ep1-25 Ep1-24
Bang-jin’s mother who is a fortune-teller, senses dark energy around Seol, guessing that she must have delivered something strange. Well, she is right. It seems that Seol had been seeing “those strange visions” long ago. Ghosts?
Ep1-30 Ep1-31
This transition between present and 1930s is smooth, with changes between laptop and typewriter, to where there are now three people in the room, with one hidden in the shadow. Who could it be? That ghost-writer? And, it’s seen that Seol’s past self was someone good with guns. Suddenly, her cap falls, revealing her long hair in front of Past Se-joo…
Ep1-28 Ep1-27
Se-joo is jolted awake. Of course, it’s the typewriter that has been feeding his mind. Thanks to his dream, he informs his editor Gal Ji-suk (played by Jo Woo Jin) that he has new idea for his story – 1930s in Kyungsung.
Han Se-joo is not the only writer we have here in this show. Baek Tae-min (played by Kwang Si Yang) seems to be So-joo’s rival and someone who lived with him before in the past. Can I hope for no love triangle/square in this show?
Ep1-35 Ep1-36
Giving us a little backstory, it shows us how Seol met Se-joo when she was working as a part-timer and Se-joo was still a fresh writer, patronising the fast-food restaurant often. Since then, she has been a fan. Too bad, he didn’t recognise her from then.
Ep1-37 Ep1-33
Being a famous writer isn’t an easy thing as an intruder stands in front of Se-joo in his own house, saying how he got rid of those people after reading his novel, shocking Se-joo. Well, that’s one crazy of delusion level. They get in combat, trying to take the gun. But the intruder takes it first…
…and two shots ring out in the darkness. Oh no. Lights come back on, and it’s Seol who is holding the gun, with no one harmed. Whew. It turns out that Seol used to specialise in pistol-shooting. However, she had to give it up as she started seeing the visions of her own past life when holding the gun, like how Se-joo sees his through typewriter.
Ep1-40 Ep1-42
Speaking of Se-joo and his visions, dun dun…! He finally sees the face of the man-woman from his past life vision and that she has the same face as Seol, surprised. This is definitely going to be interesting, and I like this serious side to Seol as a legendary sniper.

What I really like is that they start seeing their past lives through objects (gun and typewriter) that are associated with the words, “Chicago Typewriter”. I really do hope for this show to be good throughout! Now, what’s up with the ghosts/spirits? More like “who?”


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