Chicago Typewriter – Episode 2 Review

As Seol gets to know Se-joo more in real life, she starts to see different sides to him she had never seen before. Will it change her impression of him as long-time fan? And, having that creepy typewriter around is definitely not a good thing for Se-joo.

Seol’s perspective vision of her own past life shows us that she was about to shoot someone in the room where Past Se-joo and unknown man were in. Back to the room, compared to clear-minded Seol, it’s clearly that the intruder is a different type of “fan” as he perceives that Se-joo’s book was meant for him in a delusional way.
The dog is indeed possessed by a spirit which leaves its body and “goes into” typewriter. Well, seems that the spirit was originally from the inanimate typewriter and used the dog for the form of life, in order to move about. Now, can I guess that the spirit is Past Se-joon’s? That’d be confusing, hah. Well, the show already is.
Ep2-4 Ep2-5
Revolving table continues to transit between present and 1930s, giving us more insights of how their present lives are similar to their past lives, with Seol helping to type for Se-joo, be it keyboard or typewriter as his hand is injured.
Ep2-7 Ep2-8
It turns out that Seol’s past counterpart’s name is Yoo Soo-yeon, and she is always telling Past Se-joo to write something magnificent. Why does this tell us that Seol and even her past counterpart are someone good with spotting good stories?
As if the creepy typewriter isn’t creepier enough, there is even an earthquake inside Se-joo’s house, affecting only both of them. What is going on there? My guess is that it could be the linkage to their past lives.
Ep2-10 Ep2-11
Over at Tae-min’s house, there is a possibility that Se-joo might be Tae-min’s father’s son, which his mother claimed. However, his father said otherwise. Well, it would be no surprise if there is a secret birth.
Ep2-12 Ep2-13
It’s also something to note when Tae-min reacts differently when Seol meets him for the first time coincidentally and tells him that she liked his book, ‘Fate’. The book which is to be republished, accordingly to Tae-min himself. Now, I am curious.
Ep2-18 Ep2-17
The ruckus about the intruder hit the media, reporting how Se-joo developed his story through the latter’s letters. He suspects that Seol might have been the one who leaked the conversation as she was the only one there the night before beside the two men.
Of course, she isn’t the one. Which leads to frustration in her since Se-joo doesn’t trust her words at all. With such attitude from her long-time idol, she finally says good bye to her “beautiful days as a fan”. Now, I am looking forward how she is going to be as an anti-fan.
Ep2-23 Ep2-24
The intruder reveals that it was his sister who reported it to the media, making Se-joo realise that Seol wasn’t lying at all. Well, it’s too late to find her. While looking for her, Bang-jin’s mother senses bad energy surrounding him and foretells that he will have two special encounters soon. Seol must be one of them.
Ep2-16 Ep2-15
It’s creepy how the intruder know almost everything about the writer since his younger days, claiming to be his muse. Se-joo laughs it off.
However, later, the intruder-murderer, committed suicide. This must be a shock for Se-joo, as he’s been having writer’s block for a whole month, being chased by Ji-suk. Looking at his writer’s state, Ji-suk suggests hiring ghost-writer which Se-joo is against.
Ep2-27 Ep2-26
Finally, new character is introduced through another of Se-joo’s dream where they danced together with Soo-yeon in Carpe Diem club. Ah, those retro dance! Of course, we all know that the ghost-writer Ji-suk is hiring must be him who is known as Writer Yoo (played by Go Kyung Pyo) in present.
Eerily, the box of matches from his 1930s dream is somehow there in Se-joo’s drawer, surprising him. Thinking that he must be crazy, he goes for a drive in the rain. What’s hilarious, but sad at the same time, is that when his car verges off the road, he suddenly thought that he haven’t even decided whether he wants to die or not. LOL.
Ep2-29 Ep2-30
At times like this when nearing death, a grim reaper has to come. It’s Seol. Hah, Se-joo is reminded of her words that she would never save him if they ever encounter such situation again. The time, which the fortune-teller foretold, has come. But, how Seol is already there?
At the same time, someone else settles in front of the typewriter and begins typing with a sense of familiarity. Hello, it’s ghost-writer, Writer Yoo!

Finally, we have all three characters introduced. The plot may be slow, but I feel that it’s at passable pace. Despite feeling that way, though, I still hope they quickly give us on what is going on with the “spirit(s)” taking over. Also, I bet that the ghost-writer can see his past life like Seol and Se-joo. For now, let’s dance the night away!

(Edit: I won’t be writing anymore reviews for Chicago Typewriter as I only intended to write for first two episodes with consideration of writing for the rest, but decided not to.)


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