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Episodes aired: 8 of 16 episodes (as of 16th April)

I have been looking forward and am glad that this show doesn’t disappoint me as I was afraid of how people were saying it’s similar to tvN’s Signal. Since the first episode, I never felt that they are similar. In fact, I am growing to love our leads.

Park Kwang-ho (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) is one solemn detective and yet, adorable and lovable guy (towards his wife), who travelled 30 years from 1986 to present (2016) for unknown reasons through a tunnel. And, he can’t go back. Yet, I hope. In present, his reactions to technology made us all giggle. Oh, how cute.
Ep1-2 Ep6-1
What captured my heart is how the little child of a victim, whom Kwang-ho held in his arm in 1986, has grown into a fine man as a police officer, Kim Sun-jae (played by Yoon Hyun Min) and is working alongside Kwang-ho.
Also, it’s cute how Jun Sung-shik (played by Jo Hee Bong) still treats Kwang-ho as sunbae even though he is older in present time. I am really glad how Kwang-ho still have him (even though Sung-shik lost him in 1986) and lets him know the truth that he came from the past, which definitely sounds unbelievably crazy.
Ep8-4 Ep8-3
Since we knew that the little kid is Sun-jae, I have been holding my breath while waiting for Kwang-ho to find out his identity. Finally, he does in latest episode, and his heart begins softening towards now grown-up rude son of the victim and soldier, whom he feels responsible for after failing to catch the murderer. BrOTP forever.
I am not for a romance in an OCN drama but there is something sparking between Sun-jae and criminologist Shin Jae-yi (played by Lee Yoo Young). Their intense gazes and the look-good-together atmosphere. They feel similar and yet different with their own ways of dealing.
Right, Jae-yi. There are theories that she could be Kwang-ho’s daughter (I am glad how his wife, Shin Yeon-suk (played by Lee Shi Ah) wasn’t one of the victims we all thought to be.) I felt neutral about Jae-yi as she seems distant, but as more episodes later, I feel warming up to Jae-yi’s character. Even Kwang-ho is, too. It’s as if his instinct is to look after her like a daughter. Now, I can’t wait for them to find each other as father and daughter.
Ep7-3 Ep7-2
And, if she is really his daughter, I bet he would flip out about her igniting relationship with the rude jerk, Sun-jae, going from “You should date him,” to “No, not this rude jerk with my precious daughter.” But then, he could be the opposite, since Sun-jae was once in his arms 30 years before.
Now, let’s move on to our speculations on who could be the real serial murderer. Forensic doctor Mok Jin-woo (played by Kim Min Sang) is definitely giving off similar vibes of Choi Won Young’s character, Lee Joon-ho/Lee Joon-young from I Remember You. There is theory that he might be the real psychopath killer while the suspect Jung Ho-young is a copycat.
Well, we can’t be sure and we still have to wait for its revelation. So many mysteries and questions! And that includes the other Park Kwang-ho who was born in 1988 (played by VIXX’s Cha Hak Yeon) who was seen being chased and now dead. We haven’t even got a line from his character or even a hint about his situation! Oh wait, there is possibility that he is somehow tied to the past as he knew about the victim from 30 years ago.
Ep1-5 Ep3-1
It’s hilarious how Kwang-ho met someone in present who has same face as Reporter Oh (played by Yang Joo Ho) in 1980s. I was wondering if it could be reincarnation, someone related to the reporter or just nothing, lmao.

Why you should watch Tunnel
– Bromance!
– Like, yes.
– So many unanswered questions
– Thrills.
– Little comical moments

What could be the link between two Park Kwang-ho’s? Will our Kwang-ho be able to go back to his time? It would be nice for him to go back and save his wife, guide both little Jae-yi and Sun-jae for them to grow up better with the least pains.

Every episode, Tunnel continues to keep us guessing and raising questions which we hope to get answers. I didn’t want to compare both crime thriller shows, but Tunnel is definitely different from Signal.

You can see how I am liking this show so far, and I am totally ready to face anything thrown at us for the next half of the show. I am also satisfied at Tunnel’s viewership ratings in Korea, succeeding its predecessor Voice. OCN is really on the roll this year~


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